2024 Suntory Catalog


New Red Halo Sene Nina 55

Genus Pericallis Family Asteraceae Plant type Annual Bloom time Early to late spring, can be cut back in some regions to rebloom Bloom size 3 inches Light  Full sun, partial sun Growing temperatures 55-68˚F pH 5.5-6.0 Grower pots 6 inch and larger Retail containers 6 inch and larger Crop times 6-inch pot (1 liner), 10-20 weeks

Senetti ® habit • Upright and bushy • Excellent branching

Medium Vigor

Blue Halo Sene Isiimi S

Super Blue Sunsenesubu S

Ruby Red Sunseneyona S

Red Halo Sene Nina 55

White Red Heart Sene Niregoku


Violet Sunseneikuku S

Blue Bicolor Improved Sene Toyonai

Rose Gow Sene Toyohare

Lavendar Dawn Sene Nirenago

S = Senetti Select varieties that perform the best in stock production and have more disease resistance.


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