2024 Suntory Catalog


Genus Xerochrysum Family Asteraceae Plant type Annual Bloom time Spring to fall Bloom size 3-5 inches Light Full sun Growing Temperatures 65-76F° pH 5.8-6.2 Grower pots 8-inch and larger Retail containers 8-inch and larger Crop times 8-inch pots – 1 liner, 8-10 weeks 12-inch pots – 3 liners, 8-10 weeks

GET CRAFTY! Granvia’s large blooms are perfect for everlasting dried flower crafts! We’ve spelled out Granvia in large letters and created a large disco ball to draw attention to our displays at the California Summer Trials (2021) and Cultivate and tried our hand at easy crafts at home.

In addition to offering three seasons of interest, Granvia is the perfect fit for crafty consumers! Just think of the fun ideas for content, workshops, and promotions at retail!

Granvia ® habit • Upright, vigorous • Height: 18-30 inches • Spread: 18-24 inches


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