2024 Suntory Catalog


Showy upright form! ✓ Tall, sturdy flower spikes ✓ More heat tolerant ✓ Extended bloom time ✓ Great thriller component SUNDIASCIA ® diascia Sundiascia TOP SELLER

Sundiascia ® habit • Upright • Height: 12-15 inches • Spread: 18-20 inches

Upright Peach Sunjodi 045

Upright Bright Pink Sunjodiblupi


Genus Diascia Family Schrophulariaceae Plant type Annual Bloom time Continuous, spring to summer Bloom size 3-inch flower spike Light Full sun Growing temperatures 60-76˚F pH 5.6-6.0 Grower pots 4-inch and larger Retail containers 4-inch pots and larger Crop times 4-inch pot (1 liner) – 5-7 weeks 6-inch pot (1-2 liners) – 7-9 weeks 10-inch baskets (4-5 liners) – 9-11 weeks

Upright Rose Pink Sunjodiropi

Upright Blush White Sunjodi 042


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