2024 Suntory Catalog

Temari TEMARI ® TRAILING verbena verbena


Red Sunmarired

Blue Sunmarimura 2022 Top 25, Plantpeddler

Gorgeous displays of color ✓ Vigorous, trailing habit ✓ Produces large clusters of flowers ✓ Resistant to powdery mildew ✓ Cold and heat tolerant ✓ Perfect for hanging baskets

pH 5.5-6.2 Grower pots 4-inch and larger Retail containers 4-inch pots and larger, 10- and 12-inch baskets Crop times 4-inch pot (1 liner) – 4-6 weeks 6-inch pot (1 liner) – 6-8 weeks 10-inch baskets (3 liners) – 10-12 weeks Less pinching when grown cool.

Genus Verbena Family Verbenaceae

Bright Pink Sunmaricorapi2

Plant type Perennial, Hardiness Zone 8 Bloom time Continuous, spring through fall Bloom size 2-2.8-inch clusters Light  Full sun Growing temperatures 60-76˚F

Temari ® Trailing habit • Bushy, trailing, cascading • Height: 4-10 inches • Spread: up to 48 inches


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