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The Story of My Acceptance Into the University of Montana

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone! This time of year, we wear green, drink beer, and talk about the luck of the Irish. Although I enjoy St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, I am on the fence about luck. To me, I do think that lucky things can happen in people’s lives — like winning the lottery — but I feel like those who are consistently lucky just know what it means to work hard.

This wasn’t the most intelligent thing I’ve ever done, but I had decided that even if I didn’t get in, I would take a year off to work and reapply the next year. After I submitted my applications, I waited to hear back from the three schools for the next stage: interviews. Initially, I was invited to interview at a school in Oregon and in Washington, but Montana passed on my application. At that point, I was a little jaded. I had gotten interviews at the other schools, so why was Montana too good for me? I tried to shrug off the experience, and I attended my interviews elsewhere. Then, 10 days before Montana closed their interview session, I got a call. They told me that they had changed their mind, and they asked if I could make it up to Missoula within the next few days for an interview. Immediately, my feelings were mended, and I dropped everything I was doing and drove to Missoula with Kate. At this point, getting into the program felt like a long shot, and I didn’t think there was anything special about me that would set me apart from the 100 other interviewees. So, I went into the interviewwith the goal of getting some face recognition for next year. During the interview, I was asked, “Okay, so you have an exercise science degree, just like the majority of everyone here. So, what makes you different?” I wasn’t prepared for that question at all, but I talked about my work experience, passion, commitment, and work ethic. Although it took me by surprise, I felt confident with my answer, and I think I made an impression on my interviewer, because I was eventually accepted into the program! It was a really cool moment for Kate and me when I was accepted. We were able to forgo long-distance dating, and I was able to build a stronger relationship with her family since I was living in town. Although I wouldn’t call my acceptance to Montana lucky, I do believe I was presented with a series of fortunate events that I had enough gumption to take advantage of. And because of that, Kate and I are married with two wonderful children. There’s no need to rely on luck when you can seize opportunities and leverage them to your benefit. This month, rather than celebrating “the luck of the Irish,” let’s celebrate hard work and preparation.

Many people get their big breaks in life by setting goals, making plans, executing those plans, diligently grinding, and seizing opportunities when they arise. Personally, I have had a number of fortunate events happen in my life. One of those events would be meeting mywife, Kate, when we were both earning our undergraduate degrees. But what happened following our undergraduate education was the result of hard work, dedication, and the seizing of an opportunity. needed to transfer back home to a state school in Montana. During that time, I was in the process of applying to different physical therapy schools in the Northwest, and it seemed as though we were going to run into a crossroads in our relationship. I knew I wanted things to work out between Kate and me, so I decided to only apply to three schools, knowing that the University of Montana was my top choice. After graduation, Kate ran into a situation where she

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–Derek Lawr

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