Motion Matters PT. Posture & Back Pain

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3) Think safety first! If reaching for high shelves or the ceiling - use a ladder! Don’t scramble up on a chair or slippery counter. We have seen too many injuries occur due to climbing on unsuitable surfaces. 4) Take regular breaks and change positions – any position for any length of time whether sitting, standing or walking can become tiresome. Switch up your body position often and take a break when you need it! 5) Don’t ignore pain! If you have a nagging ache that keeps coming back with a position get it checked out by your local Physical Therapist. We are always happy to help you get back to being active especially as we get ready for the warmer weather days ahead!

As Spring approaches it’s a great time to do some deep cleaning, tidying up and sorting. Sometimes deep cleaning can be a source for injuries and aches to creep up, especially if we have not conditioned or stayed active in recent months! Here are a few Spring cleaning tips: 1) Consider wearing shoes if you are going to be doing a lot of standing while cleaning. Because most of us are used to wearing shoes our bodies have adjusted to this, so if you are doing more activity at home wearing shoes can be helpful! 2) Organize yourself for comfort! Get your body close to the task you are doing - if you have a lot of activity close to the ground don’t just bend over, get yourself comfortable by sitting on a low stool or grabbing a knee pad to kneel onto.

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