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This year, in addition to visiting my in-laws in St. Louis, Missouri (as we always do each summer), we also went to Branson, Missouri. It’s about a 4-hour drive from St. Louis in the direction of Arkansas (for those of you who are geographically inclined). We had heard that there was a lot to do there for families, so we wanted to check it out. Between mini-golf and go-cart racing and laser tag (all within walking distance from our hotel), it was more difficult trying to fit everything in as opposed to finding something to do. Not to mention, there was also a Tanger Outlet Mall next to us. I would say that the two major highlights of the trip were the amusement park we went to and one of the dinners we had one night. Silver Dollar City is a great amusement park, similar to a Six Flags like we have in Jersey – lots of rides and several monster roller coasters. We had a blast and literally spent the entire day there. When we finally got to the car that night I checkedmy phone to see howmany steps I had taken that day… almost 18,000! The other day’s highlight was Dolly Parton’s Stampede. This is similar to what I’ve seen in the past called Medieval Times – where you eat all your food by hand as you cheer for your knight to beat all the other knights in a competition. In this case, it was a horse competition where half of the group was “The North” and half of the audience was “The South.” You cheer your team’s horses and their riders as they do tricks and races. We were fortunate enough to get front row seats. While we definitely got dirt sprayed on us from a horse (not fortunate) my kids also got the victory flowers thrown to them by our team’s riders when they won a competition. All in all, I thought Branson was a great little town, and I would recommend checking it out during the summer if you happen to be in that neck of the woods. There’s way more to do than I even mentioned, including some lake activities and boating. I would say Branson is one of those places most of us from New York have never heard of or know to visit but could be a great change-of- pace summer vacation for those looking for someplace that you have never been to before. Summer Vacation 2019

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