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APRIL 2020



And Start Practicing at Fairview Dental HOW I DECIDED TO BECOME A DENTIST

It took three things for me to decide that I wanted to become a dentist: great dental experiences during my childhood, a summer painting houses with my older brother, and a desire to not spend every day of my working life working on math problems. When I went to college at Boise State, I initially wanted to study to become a structural engineer. I began to change my mind after one summer working with my older brother Jake. Jake and I hadn’t always got along growing up, but that summer brought us closer together. We actually became friends. Jake had decided he was going to dental school, and he encouraged me to look into it as well. He thought it would be cool for the two of us to have a practice together one day. While I didn’t eventually start a practice with Jake, his encouragement got me thinking about what sort of career I actually wanted. I recalled the dentists from my childhood, and how they seemed to have a successful career and a good lifestyle to boot. By that point, I had also realized that I wanted a job working with people, and not one that isolated me in an office in front of a computer screen all day. So, when I went back to BSU, I started taking more biology classes to bolster my dental school application. I decided to follow my brother’s advice. During my last few years at Boise State, I got an internship at a dental lab run by two dentists who taught an anatomy course. I really liked working with both of them, and at the end of my internship, as I was finally preparing to go to dental school in Virginia, I told them that if there was ever an opportunity to work for them, I would love to look into it. Telling them that ended up being one of the best decisions I could have made. Then, I moved across the country for the next four years. “I’VE BECOME FRIENDS WITH MY TEAM AND MANY OF MY PATIENTS. I GET TO WORK WITH PEOPLE EVERY DAY, INSTEAD OF NUMBERS FROM BEHIND A DESK.”

Fast forward three years. During my last year of dental school, I still hadn’t settled on where the next step would take me. By that time, I was married and we had

kids, and I knew that I would prefer to put down roots with them in the Treasure Valley. I was born and raised here, and I’ve always loved the area. I knew it would be a great place to start a career and for my wife and I to raise our kids.

As I approached graduation and intensified my networking efforts, I created a LinkedIn profile and ended up contacting one of the two dentists I had interned for. I got a call from him and the first thing he told me is that I was lucky because he, along with most people, almost never checks LinkedIn. He told me that he and the other dentist were actually looking to expand their business by buying another office somewhere in the Treasure Valley. They would need another partner to co-own and manage the office, preferably somebody they already knew and trusted. They offered me the opportunity. I accepted their offer, and the search for the perfect office began. We eventually pulled the trigger on Fairview Dental in Caldwell, and the rest is history. For the past four years that I’ve practiced at Fairview Dental, there’s been so much to enjoy. I love the cultural diversity of our community. My team and I speak fluent Spanish, which has been invaluable in connecting with many of our patients. I’ve become friends with my team and many of my patients. I get to work with people every day, instead of numbers from behind a desk. Thank you to everyone who has trusted Fairview Dental with their dental care these past four years. If you have an appointment coming up, we look forward to seeing you in the office!

–Dr. Russell Powell


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