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Million Bells MILLION BELLS ® MOUNDING calibrachoa S U N T O R Y P R EM I UM B R AND S

Carefree Color ✓  Full, mounding habit ✓  Heat and rain tolerant ✓  Blooms all season long ✓  Selected for garden performance


Butter Pop S uncal 1871

Orangina ® Suncal 1231

2017 One of the Best, Penn State University

White Suncalho

Cherry Pink Sunbel Kopachipi

Terra Cotta Sunbelkist

Crackling Fire Sunbelfire

Neon Yellow Sunbelriki

Genus Family

Calibrachoa Solanaceae

Plant type Annual Bloom time Continuous, spring to fall Bloom size 1-1 3 / 4 inches Light Full sun Growing 60-76˚F temperatures pH 5.2-5.8 Grower pots 4-inch and larger Retail 4-inch and 6-inch pots containers  and 10- to 12-inch baskets Crop times  4-inch pot (1 liner) – 4-6 weeks, 1-2 pinches 6-inch pot (1 liner) – 6-8 weeks, 2 pinches

10-inch baskets (3 liners) – 10-12 weeks, 2-3 pinches

Million Bells ® Mounding habit • Upright bush, mounding • Height: 9-12 inches • Spread: up to 20 inches


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