Welcome To Waters Edge

A luxury village at Palmilla Beach set on 165 acres of rolling dunes, lakes and Gulf Coast shoreline.

WELCOME TO WATERS EDGE A luxury vi l lage at Palmi l la Beach set on 165 acres of rol l ing dunes , lakes and Gul f Coast shorel ine.


Welcome to Waters Edge , a new luxury village at Palmilla Beach where coastal landscape, natural lakes and sparkling waterways weave with timeless architecture to create the most enchanting streetscapes, parks, vistas and community in Port Aransas and on Mustang Island. Built on the foundation of Palmilla Beach’s established luxury coastal architecture, Waters Edge is where generations will come together to live, laugh and make lifelong memories. Please enjoy this Vision Book as we introduce the design, land plan, architectural style and amenities planned for this exceptional new village of luxury beach homes.

Harry Ben Adams IV President, McCombs Properties


The developer behind Palmilla Beach is McCombs Properties. Backed by the legendary Red McCombs, McCombs Properties has a long reputation of quality and integrity. And Red McCombs is personally committed to creating a legacy of exceptional properties for generations of Texans to enjoy.

Renowned firm DTJ Design leads Waters Edge land planning and architectural design.


Palmilla Beach is the premier resort and golf community on the Texas Coast. Overlooking the Gulf of Mexico and nestled near the historic beach town of Port Aransas, Palmilla Beach’s DNA combines the relaxed personality of a beach town with the beauty and elegance of a luxury resort. Palmilla’s meticulously planned homes, streetscapes, sparkling pools, beachfront and parks invite friendly interaction. And it’s award winning dining, top ranked golf course, resort pools and beach-side service surround homeowners and guests with friendly pampering.

Images: Lower Left and Upper Right - Palmilla Beach, Lower Right - Port Aransas


Palmilla Beach is located along the longest stretch of Mustang Island beach in Port Aransas, Texas. With its historic downtown, famous fishing wharfs, Gulf of Mexico views and miles of shoreline, Port Aransas has been a Texas holiday favorite for generations. Port Aransas is within a few hours’ drive from Austin, Houston and San Antonio and served by the Corpus Christi International and Mustang Beach airports.

Palmilla Beach is located at: 132 Palmilla Beach Drive Port Aransas, TX 78373

Distances to Palmilla Beach: 0.4 miles from Mustang Beach Airport 37.4 miles from Corpus Christi International Airport 175 miles to San Antonio 209 miles to Houston 249 miles to Austin


Development at Waters Edge follows the organic contours of the land, lakes and shoreline. In total, Waters Edge is 165 acres of untouched coastal landscape, centered around a series of natural lakes and bordered by the Gulf of Mexico. Gorgeous vistas wait to be discovered in this oasis of natural beauty while breathtaking views and ocean breezes rejuvenate spirits. Gently rolling dunes bring depth and dimension to the landscape while whimsical native grasses heighten the sense of movement. And, curving streetscapes are lush with vegetation while winding trails and boardwalks invite families outdoors to walk, run, bike and hike.


McCombs Proper ties reser ves the right to make changes without notice. No guarantee is made that the proposed features will be construct ed, or that if construct ed, will be of the number and type described . These materials shall not constitu te an offer in any state where prior registration is requi red. Void where prohibi ted by law. For unimproved lots at McCombs Proper ties, obtain the property report requi red by federal law and read it before signing anything. No federal agency has judged the merits or value, if any, of these proper ties. WARNING: THE CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF REAL ESTATE HAS NOT INSPECTED, EXAMINED, OR QUALIFIED THIS OFFERING.

Mustang Is land’s Largest Luxury Beachfront Master-Planned Communi ty


Fundamental to Waters Edge design is following the natural contours of the coastal landscape and lakes. The result is a flowing and relaxed departure from, Palmilla’s original village and all other area developments. Waters Edge breaks the geometric and rectilinear street patterns that characterize typical development, allowing generous patches of natural landscape and created waterways to weave their way through the community. Each street scene in this expansive development is a mix of a lush landscape, distinctive architectural styles, and a blend of housing types that allow each element to share equally in the creation of this unique environment. Every homesite has been situated to maximize water and green space views. And the entire village has been planned with rear-facing garages, leaving streetscapes uncluttered, lush with vegetation and dripping with curb appeal.

Images are illustrative of Low Country design.


The design vision at Waters Edge is inspired by the timeless beauty and relaxed lifestyle of Low Country architecture. This design style is classically American and a perfect complement to Waters Edge coastal climate and lush greenery. The design theme beautifully connects individual homes, parks and amenities to create cohesive streetscapes and greenspaces that are simply gorgeous. Low Country design is well known for expansive porches that shade homes and extend living spaces into gracious ‘outdoor’ rooms. Door- topping transoms provide cooling breezes while oversized windows allow in generous amounts of sunlight. The design style is also marked by high ceilings, window shutters, wood shakes and soft, neutral colors inspired by nature. Waters Edge marries luxury coastal living, nature and the best of Low Country style to create a village of beach homes that families will cherish for generations to come.

Images are illustrative of Low Country design.


Low Country style architecture is most often attributed to South Carolina and is one that can be found in most coastal communities throughout the Southeast. This style evolved out of the need for early settlers to live harmoniously with the heat and subtropical climate of the region. This can be seen, for example, in the incorporation of wrap-around porches and transom windows, both of which would aid in cooling the homes. Early settlers in the Southeast included French and English descendants, and styles from these cultures influenced the architecture as well. Of note is that Low Country style also evolved… out of the need to adapt to growing families. What would start as a main house might expand as dormers, garages, cottages and other outbuildings would reflect the family’s needs. As a result, the homes would consist of a series of structures that would help create a more “human” scale along with a more “relaxed”, informal feel. The more recognizable features of Low Country architecture include: • Verandas & Wide Porches • High Ceilings

• Open Concept Plans • Double-Hung Windows • Transom Windows • Raised Level Living • Shutters & Shading Devices • Metal Roofing

Images are illustrative of Low Country design.

WATERS EDGE WILL EMBRACE ‘TRADITIONAL’ AND ‘TRANSITIONAL’ ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN Part of what will make Waters Edge so enchanting will be the consistentcy of how Low Country architecture style is applied to all residences and amenity structures through “traditional” and “transitional” interpretations. Both allow ample flexibility on floor plan design. And both allow for personal tastes that span from classic to more contemporary styling. The level of detail and textural qualities provided from these style interpretations will create a sense of timelessness that will nest well within the context of the community.

Tradi t ional

Trans i t ional


The color and materials for the residences at Waters Edge reflect the sensibilities of early Low Country design, complementing and blending with their surroundings. The palette for materials will be harmonious with the colors in the surrounding landscape and reflect a natural expression. For example, muted or washed tones recall the colors of the forest, sand dunes and marshes and thus characterize the coastal context. The color palette is also curated to resist fading over long periods of time while cooling and softening the effects of the coastal Texas sun during the summer. And for whimsy and interest, rich complementary accent colors and architectural features highlight the design expression while also reinforcing the relaxed attitude within Waters Edge .

Images are illustrative of Low Country design.


As a Waters Edge homeowner, you will enjoy all the amenities at Palmilla Beach , including resort pools, pampering guest services, cabanas, award- winning dining plus the only Links-style golf course in Texas. Exclusive to Palmilla Beach , beach services include chef-inspired meals, shady lounge chairs and air-conditioned washrooms right on the sand. Plus, additional amenities will be built within the neighborhoods of Waters Edge . These include plans for a lake boathouse, resort pools, nature trails, parks lush with greenery, two private boardwalks across the dunes to the beach and gathering spots for dining and refreshing drinks.


Palmilla’s Real Estate experts can provide detailed specs on properties at Waters Edge, including pricing, design guidelines and ownership benefits.

And if you are planning to build a custom home, Palmilla’s Preferred Builders program offers access to an elite set of proven architects, builders and award-winning designers.

Please reach out to Palmilla’s Real Estate Team at 361-693-5729 to learn everything about this exceptional new beach village.

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361 .693.5729 | PALMILLABEACH.COM 132 Palmi l la Beach Dr ive Port Aransas , TX 78373

Prices, availability, floorplans and square footage details are subject to change. Please contact Palmilla Beach Realty for more information.

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