Mucus-degrading Bacteroides

Mucus-degrading Bacteroides link carbapenems to aggravated graft-versus-host disease DECLARATION OF INTERESTS: R.R.J. has served as a consultant or advisory board member for Merck, Micro- biome DX, Karius, MaaT Pharma, LisCure, Seres, Kaleido, and Prolacta and has received patent license fee or stock options from Seres and Kaleido. E.H., M.A.J., J.L.K., and R.R.J. are inventors on a patent application by the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, supported by the results of the current study entitled ‘‘Methods and Compositions for Treating Cancer therapy-induced Neutropenic Fever and/or GVHD.’’

Meropenem upregulated the expression of mucus-degrading enzyme in B. thetaiotaomicron


Supplementation of xylose improved survival

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