Holiday Custom Knits & Gifts

Our products are made from scratch and fully customizable to whatever you may need, leaving you with numerous possibilities to promote holiday joy. Let us help you create the perfect set for any occasion through cohesive designs and toasty takeaways from head to toe. We can Pantone match the yarn for each order, allowing us to create matching sets of gloves, scarves, and beanies in your exact brand colors!


This set includes Winter Scarf and Woven Tag Add-on, Knit Gloves with Woven Tag Add-on, Knit Beanie with Woven Cuff Tag Add-on, Dress Socks. Set starts at ~$49 (R)

This set includes Dress Socks, Winter Scarf with Woven Tag Add-on, Cable Knit Beanie with Yarn Pom-Pom and Woven Tag Add-ons. Set starts at ~$45 (R)


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