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Whip up something delicious with the help of these local baking mixes. They’ll have you making traditional and versatile Indigenous food, providing gluten-free ancient grain alternatives and doing your bit to combat food waste. What the…

adding that she wanted to make sure her son and the rest of her family weren’t sacrificing taste and that her son didn’t feel excluded by having to eat something different from everyone else. And while trying to solve a problem for her own family, and never planning to have a food company, she soon realized that other families were faced with the same issues. What the Flour was born and the line now includes a flour bend, pancake and waffle, muffin and chocolate chip cookie mixes, the latter with dairy-free chocolate chips.

The name expresses the frustration Danielle McKenzie felt in trying to find a flour she could use to make family favourites such as pancakes that could be eaten by her young son, who faced a host of food intolerances. What started out as an experiment, resulted inWhat the Flour, a flour blend and line of baking mixes made from a combination of sorghum and millet, both ancient grains that are high in fibre, protein and micronutrients. It’s gluten-free and contains no nuts or rice (often a component of other gluten-free flours), which were unsuitable for her son. “I just baked my heart out,” McKenzie says of the trial and error process of coming up with the flour blend. “It was also really important to me to find something everyone wanted to eat,” she says,

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