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February 2020

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The Power of an All-Star Team How Trust Enables Us to Push Harder and Dig Deeper

My office manager, Sulay Martinez, is one of the team’s starting players. She’s worked with me since I first passed the bar and became a lawyer. We both spent 10 years at another firm together, then she agreed to join me at Mike Lombardi & Associates when we opened our doors five years ago. I’ve also worked with two of my case managers, Imary Alicea and Lilybeth Torres, for 15 years. Because we all know each other so well, we have complete trust in each other’s abilities, and that allows us to focus all of our energy on our clients. We work harder and dig deeper than many other law firms are willing to, in part because we’re always pushing each other to do the best we can. The power of this type of teamwork really became clear to me on a recent criminal case, when we took on a client who was accused of smoking marijuana while serving a home confinement sentence. He was facing a year in prison for the charge, but he disputed the drug test, claiming he hadn’t smoked in months. The state argued that wasn’t possible, because he’d failed a drug test and, they claimed, marijuana only lasts 30 days in a person’s system. In this situation, most lawyers would probably tell the client what they’d consider “the hard truth”— basically, “You’re screwed, and it’s over”— but my team refused to accept that. We pushed each other to look harder at the drug test results, and in the end, we went so far as to hire a Department of Defense expert who specialized in forensic drug testing. That expert ended up drafting a forensic toxicology report that proved the method and manner of the Department of Corrections’ testing was archaic and outdated: It was based on old data about how

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, so of course, like any good husband, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about my wife, Stephanie. Sometimes when we’re at home chasing our kids around or out on the rare date night, I find myself struck by how lucky I am to have such a fantastic partner. We’re truly a team, and I appreciate her always having my back! Mulling that over at work one day, I realized that in some ways our relationship mirrors the one I have with my team at the office. Some of my employees have worked with me for over a decade — a few have been by my side for 15 years! — and over that time, we’ve built great relationships. I’ve gotten to know their moods and expectations, and we’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly in each other (luckily, those last two are pretty rare). Winning justice for our clients is our common goal, and going into the office is like stepping onto the court with an all-star team. “In this situation, most lawyers would probably tell the client what they’d consider ‘the hard truth’ — basically, ‘You’re screwed, and it’s over’ — but my team refused to accept that.”

long marijuana can linger in a person’s system (in reality, traces of the drug can remain for months, not just 30 days), so our client’s test was inaccurate. Thanks to that diligence, we won the case, and our client was able to get bail and walk free! My conclusion after thinking through all of this is that I’m doubly lucky. My beautiful wife has my back at home, and my team has my back in the courtroom. If you’re facing a tough case and want to see the effect of that support and motivation firsthand, call me today at 401-751-6100. Together, we can take down the opposition.

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