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TRANSACTIONS COLLIERS ENGINEERING & DESIGN AQUIRES KFW ENGINEERS + SURVEYING Colliers Engineering & Design, a national multi-discipline engineering, architectural, design, and consulting firm, has acquired KFW Engineers & Surveying, of San Antonio and New Braunfels, Texas. KFW Engineers + Surveying is a full-service land development, civil engineering, and surveying firm with a focus on the Texas land development market. The firm offers comprehensive service lines for private and public clients that include civil engineering, land surveying, environmental, and GIS services. “KFW Engineers & Surveying’s geographic reach complements our existing footprint regionally throughout Texas which will enhance our existing services there,” explained Kevin Haney, PE, President and CEO of Colliers Engineering & Design. “This partnership aligns with our strategic growth through land development opportunities, while enabling us to better serve and support our Texas clients and communities.

“Partnering with Colliers Engineering & Design provides continued growth for our clients, and employees,” stated Steven Krauskopf, PE and Co-founder of KFW Engineers & Surveying. “Together, we can leverage our depth of technical expertise by integrating surveying and engineering services and long-standing client relationships that will further develop Texas and the southeast.” The acquisition of KFW Engineers + Surveying promises to create a dynamic and positive environment, positioning the combinedentitytobetterserveourclients with more comprehensive services and continue growth opportunities within the AEC industry. This agreement maintains the firm’s senior leadership as significant shareholders of the business under Colliers Engineering & Design’s unique partnership model. Colliers Engineering & Design is a trusted provider of multi-discipline engineering, design and consulting services to public and private sector clients. Headquartered in Red Bank, New Jersey

with a network of offices throughout the United States, the firm specializes in providing a comprehensive suite of services including civil/site, architecture, transportation, governmental, survey/ geospatial, infrastructure, geotechnical/ environmental, telecommunications, utilities/energy, and project manage- ment. The firm’s talented professionals utilize the most advanced technologies to deliver customized solutions for clients. Colliers is a leading diversified professional services and investment management company. With operations in 62 countries, its 17,000 enterprising professionals work collaboratively to provide expert advice to clients. For more than 27 years, Colliers’ experienced leadership has delivered compound annual investment returns of 20 percent for shareholders. With annual revenues of $4.1 billion and more than $50 billion of assets under management, Colliers maximizes the potential of property and real assets to accelerate the success of its clients, investors, and people.

a way that feels comfortable and makes you feel good about yourself, and limiting negative self-talk. At Colliers Engineering & Design, the firm provides free bagels and fruit on Thursdays, which adds fun to the weekday. NEGATINGWORK STRESS. Sometimes, a job has unavoidable aggravations or exceptionally high-performance expectations. The mental health experts at Talk Space recommend taking the time to recognize small wins. For many in the AEC industry, it takes months or years to finish a job, which may not give the instant gratification that completing a smaller job in a shorter period does. But progress happens day-by-day. Initiated a difficult conversation that went well? Finished the resume portion of a proposal? Did a safety check before starting a day in the field? Spend time feeling the fulfillment of small wins and tasks completed along the way. Stay organized using to-do lists and schedules and keep your files up to date. According to Psychology Today , seeing your tasks written down and visually tracking their completion can strengthen your reward response, and give you a hit of dopamine, which becomes a satisfying intrinsic motivation to keep going through the next task. START TODAY. Just as an old building needs inspection, so does your mental health. And just as many job sites require routine change detection and inspection, so do you. Your greatest asset is your mind, so give it the care it deserves. Alexis Eades is a communications specialist for Colliers Engineering & Design. A graduate of Rutgers University, she has a passion for writing, learning, and traveling. You can read more from her here.

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AVOIDING PERSISTENT OVERWORKING. Boundaries expert and author Nedra Glover Tawwab emphasizes the importance of boundaries for preventing burnout, especially in the age of home offices and email on smart phones. Limiting hours and days of the week dedicated to work, when possible, is ideal. She also teaches that we should be proactive when it comes to self-care. Colliers Engineering & Design’s Women’s Organization hosted a Work-Life-Balance Panel discussion, where employees asked advice from a variety of panelists, included a similar message. As they said, there is value in carving out time before and after work for quiet moments, and for family and friends. Whether that is waking up early to read and sip on coffee in peace, or committing to a nightly walk with a spouse, it is important to cultivate joy outside of working hours. PREVENTING INCESSANT CYNICISM. As Simply Psychology explains, if you continually solidify the thought that Monday is the worst and Friday afternoon means freedom, the prophecy can become self-fulfilling. Make positive associations with work to avoid only associating it with stress and negativity. This may look like bringing personal items that spark joy to keep at your desk, bringing foods you enjoy for lunch, dressing in “Rise-and-grind culture may enable workers to overperform in the short- term, but studies show that the consequences are usually detrimental.”

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