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Asking questions: Julie Snow Founder, design principal, and CEO at Snow Kreilich Architects (Minneapolis, MN), a nationally recognized, award winning architectural studio.


S ince founding Snow Kreilich Architects in 1995, Snow, FAIA has earned national recognition as both a practitioner and academic. She’s taught architecture at the Graduate School of Design at Harvard, Yale University, Syracuse University, the University of Southern California, and the University of Minnesota College of Design, and received numerous professional awards. Snow says that the studio focuses on producing architecture that performs against multiple measures of design success. “To serve people and the environment in the Twin Cities, as well as those halfway across the world, we assemble teams, design workflows, and ask questions of a wide range of stakeholders – stakeholders that are not usually at the table,” Snow says. “Questions challenge topics rooted in how the environment shapes and influences the human experience. The overarching goal, whether domestic or abroad, is to utilize design thinking to reimagine the built and unbuilt.”

A CONVERSATIONWITH JULIE SNOW. The Zweig Letter: Your online bio shares that you work on every project that comes the firm’s way. How do you balance design work and management? What’s the sweet spot for mixing the two? Julie Snow: Matt Kreilich, FAIA is a partner and design principal in the firm and one of us is always engaged with each project. Sometimes we’re both on it and we often check on each other. As the studio grows, we’ve been fortunate to attract studio members who are good at doing everything from finance to HR, etc. so I don’t have to worry a lot about that. I want to create. Matt does more studio management than I do. It’s a perk of being the founder – I don’t have to do what I don’t want to do. TZL: Howwould you describe your company culture? How do you work to maintain that culture?


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