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September 2018

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In the daily grind, it can be easy to lose sight of the impact you’re actually making. That’s why I was perplexed just over a month ago when I was working away in my office and our director of student services popped his head in and informed me, “We’re having a party in the classroom in five minutes.” Surprised, I triple-checked my calendar. Why was the office having a party on a random Tuesday in late July? Thankfully, my team got me up to speed. One of our students and her father had shown up unannounced with a car full of food and what appeared to be song books. A senior at a high school for performing arts, this particular student was an opera and gospel singer and had hoped to continue her studies at university. Her family had fallen on some hard times recently, making this dream of a higher education seem unattainable. That’s when she came to us. With a little guidance and some diligent work on her and her family’s part to meet FAFSA deadlines, write application essays, and get good grades, this student secured a full scholarship to Trinity University. This private liberal arts school placed No. 1 in the West this year in U.S. News’ college rankings and features a robust performing arts program — exactly what this student was looking for. So she and her father decided to show up in person to thank us for working with them to make this dream a reality.

Before she began her performance, the young woman said she didn’t have much to give but hoped to express her gratitude through song. Then she began the most angelic solo of “Amazing Grace” I’ve ever heard. That song is already beautiful, but paired with this student’s amazing soprano, the high notes practically gave us vertigo. It’s safe to say that by the time she reached the last note, there wasn’t a dry eye left in our office. This incredible display of gratitude came utterly out of the blue, pulling at my heartstrings and shaking me of any complacency. I could not have asked for a better reminder of exactly why I love my job. All of us here at the College Money Guys feel incredibly lucky to be able to have a job that lets us help people. It’s moments like this that let us know we are making a real difference, that we aren’t just saving people money and stress; we’re making dreams come true. I’m incredibly thankful for that young woman and her father using their time and talents to give us such an incredible surprise. It was too good not to share with our readers! To everyone who has written us or shown up to thank us over the years, your support means the world to us. I founded The College Money Guys because I saw there was a need for my knowledge in college finance. I never expected to receive such fulfilment, joy, and gratitude as I have received over the years.

“I could not have asked for a better reminder of exactly why I love my job.”

Anyone who’s been to our office has seen the thank-you cards we keep posted on our walls. Our students’ gratitude means the world to us and is a great reminder of why we do what we do. But this young singer and her father took things to a whole new level. The food they brought was delicious homemade cuisine from their Venezuelan heritage. I had never tried Venezuelan food before, and it did not disappoint — the empanadas in particular were extraordinary! But the main event was when our graduating student pulled out the song books.

Thank you all for making this an incredible journey,

–Bra nnon Lloyd

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