STEMfinity 2021 Holiday Gift Guide



STEM Robotics ERP Mini The ERP Mini consists of all the basic parts for studying robotics! These include the ERP MINI controller, RJ cables, two InfraRed sensors, and two motors! You can find easy-to-follow instructions for all the models either online or in the booklet included



Engino Discovering STEM Newton's Laws Kit DISCOVER Newton's Laws of motion and learn the importance of inertia, momentum, kinetic energy, and potential energy! BUILD 8 working models such as a catapult, balloon powered plane, drag racer, crash car and more!



Engino Discovering STEM Mechanics Cams & Cranks

Learn about transmitting power using cams and cranks! Build 8 working models such as a sewing machine, flapping eagle, stationary crane, and more!



Mechanical Engineering: Robotic Arms Build six mechanical models of the types of arms,

grabber claws, and legs found on robotic machines! Explore mechanical engineering principles firsthand as you assemble and play with these working models!




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