Annual Report 2023 - Digital (Spreads)

OUR MISSION Preserving Vizcaya’s cultural and environmental resources to engage people in connecting with the past, understanding the present and shaping the future.


OUR VISION Vizcaya is an enduring, inclusive and innovative place that inspires people to embrace the cultural vitality and environmental sustainability of the world around us.

Message from the Executive Director/CEO Message from the Chair of the Board of Directors A Year Defined by Generosity Donor Spotlight: Taffy Gould Welcoming the Public Vizcaya’s Role in the Community Preserving Vizcaya’s Treasures Vizcaya Gardens’ Second Century Revitalizing the Vizcaya Village: A New Chapter Begins Vizcaya Matters to Me Thank You to Vizcaya’s Supporters

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OUR VALUES • Equity and Inclusion: We welcome, respect and treat fairly people of diverse backgrounds, abilities and needs. • Social Responsibility and Relevance: We are committed to supporting the needs and interests of our local community. • Collaboration and Innovation: We value the opinions of others, we embrace creativity and new ideas and we pursue them with rigor and purpose. • Preservation and Resiliency: We protect, maintain and enhance Vizcaya’s cultural resources in an evolving context and climate. • Environmental Sustainability: We prioritize environmental responsibility in our operations and programs. • Integrity: We are transparent, responsible and reliable. • Financial Sustainability: We ensure Vizcaya’s financial health by stewarding its finances through broad-based and diversified support. ABOUT VIZCAYA Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is a breathtaking Gilded Age estate nestled on the shores of Biscayne Bay, surrounded by 10 acres of formal gardens, a mangrove shoreline and rockland hammock. Built by the visionary American businessman James Deering (1859–1925) and owned by Miami-Dade County, Vizcaya is a National Historic Landmark and accredited museum that warmly welcomes more than 300,000 visitors from around the world annually through inclusive and innovative programs. This cultural gem also serves as a vibrant hub for the local community, embodying the true essence of “Miami’s home” and offering an engaging space to learn, grow and forge meaningful connections. Vizcaya Museum and Gardens Trust, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, has managed the Vizcaya estate in a public-private partnership with Miami-Dade County since 2017.

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Your unwavering support has been instrumental in our mission to safeguard this treasured landmark and share its beauty and history with our community and the world. Although Vizcaya was built as a private home, it has served the public for the vast majority of its history. Today, the estate welcomes over 300,000 visitors annually through daytime admissions, community programs, educational experiences and events. Vizcaya is embedded in our community’s collective memory; it is an anchor to our shared past. But the estate also plays an active role in shaping the future of this vibrant city through relevant initiatives co-created with an array of nonprofit partners. This past year, we continued our partnerships with Black residents of Coconut Grove, whose ancestors played a formative role in the creation of Vizcaya. And we developed ties with our Miccosukee and Seminole neighbors to promote their important cultural legacy. In addition to the well-known house and gardens, there is exciting work occurring across South Miami Avenue in the historic Vizcaya Village where we are making great progress in our ongoing plans to revitalize the space. Once a functioning farm that supported the estate’s operations, the Village includes 11 historic buildings on 12 acres. The weekly Village Farmers Market has been a great success and we have launched new urban farming programs to support it. This year we are restoring buildings and re-establishing the native landscape in the Village, and we look forward to sharing new stories and experiences with the public in 2024. By uniting the bayfront house and gardens with the historic Village, we are positioning Vizcaya to be a resilient, enduring and inclusive leader in our cultural ecosystem for many years to come.

Vizcaya is also making strides with its varied environmental initiatives. We are engaged in capital projects to render the house and gardens more resilient. Our staff Environmental Sustainability Committee has spearheaded many initiatives to reduce waste and greenhouse gas emissions. This past year, for example, we composted 10,589 pounds of waste, diverting these from landfill. In collaboration with partners focused on environmental science, Vizcaya actively promotes public programming that addresses climate change—and this year we launched our Teen Environmental Council, bringing together 13 students from across Miami-Dade to help us figure out new ways to motivate our community to protect the environment. None of these achievements are possible without your generous contributions, volunteer efforts and advocacy, and we extend heartfelt thanks to all of you, to Vizcaya’s dedicated Board of Directors, to Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniella Levine Cava and to the Board of County Commissioners. As we look toward to the future, we remain committed to expanding our educational initiatives, broadening our reach and deepening our engagement with the community. Together we are protecting this special piece of our community’s history while nurturing the vision for its very bright future. Thank you for your friendship and support!


Joel M. Hoffman Dr. Joel M. Hoffman will celebrate 20 years of service as the Executive Director/CEO of Vizcaya Museum and Gardens in January 2024. His commitment to fostering enriching engagement with history and cultural resources has defined his museum career. During his tenure at Vizcaya, the organization has experienced significant growth, doubling the number of annual visitors and introducing new public and educational initiatives oriented toward innovation, inclusion, relevance and social responsibility. Prior to joining Vizcaya, Joel served as Vice Director for Education and Program Development for the Brooklyn Museum of Art in New York and before that as Associate Director for The Wolfsonian-FIU in Miami Beach. He holds a doctorate in art history from Yale University and an undergraduate degree in English from the University of Pennsylvania. Joel is thrilled to have finally completed the repair of the damage caused by Hurricane Irma and excited to undertake momentous capital and programmatic initiatives on both sides of the property in the years ahead!

Joel M. Hoffman Executive Director/CEO





Vizcaya exists at the intersection of Miami history and preservation, resilience, and education. In my role as Chair of the Board of Directors for Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, I am deeply moved by the profound significance of this institution. Vizcaya is not merely a historic estate—it also embodies the heart and soul of our community, bridging the past, present and future. I am particularly honored to hold this position because, as a native Miamian, I spent many Saturday afternoons in the 1970s at Vizcaya, specifically the Village buildings, exploring everything from marine biology and astronomy to photography and darkroom work. Today, Vizcaya is a symbol of inclusivity, welcoming individuals from all backgrounds and striving to minimize barriers to participation. Through our educational programs, community events and partnerships, we celebrate diversity, honor traditions and preserve our history. Vizcaya is more than a place; it is a promise of a brighter future. I am grateful for the support we have received in preserving this treasure for generations to come. Vizcaya’s unique and enduring presence within the vibrant tapestry of Miami’s history reflects not only a remarkable landmark but serves as a testament to the city’s resilience and commitment to preserving its cultural heritage. Over the years, Vizcaya has weathered the challenges of time and changing landscapes, mirroring Miami’s own journey through various eras. Its steadfast existence serves as a living history book, offering visitors a captivating window into the past while showcasing how preservation can breathe life into heritage.

Furthermore, Vizcaya’s role in education goes beyond being an architectural wonder. It acts as an immersive classroom where the lessons of history, art, and environmental stewardship are brought to life. This institution not only teaches us about our shared past but also propels us toward a more enlightened future. It stands as a testament to the power of education to inspire and shape generations, fostering a deeper connection with the cultural and environmental treasures that define Miami. Vizcaya is not just a place; it’s a living embodiment of Miami’s history, resilience and commitment to educating and inspiring the next generation of caretakers for our shared legacy. As we look to the future, I also reflect on our past and the incredible leadership that has propelled Vizcaya forward. In that spirit, I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to Donald A. Kress, who served as the immediate past Chair of the Board of Directors. Through Don’s incredible leadership and unwavering commitment to Vizcaya, we are poised to realize our bold plans for the future.

Ken O’Keefe Ken O’Keefe, a native of Miami, is passionate about social services and empowerment, healthcare and preserving Miami’s history. He is a private equity executive focused on the healthcare industry. He also spends significant time on his civic endeavors. In addition to his work as Vizcaya’s Chair of the Board of Directors, he is involved in several other cultural and philanthropic organizations in Miami and elsewhere. He serves on the board of the Field Museum of Chicago, where he is a Member of the Executive Committee and Chairs the Collections Committee. He also serves on the boards of The Miami Foundation, Camillus Health Concerns, Merillac St. Vincent Family Services, Fairchild Tropical Botanic Gardens, The Chicago Community Trust Steering Committee for LGBTQ Fund, the Private Equity Council at The University of Chicago Booth School of Business, Jazz Pharmaceuticals and Cedar Recovery Centers. In 1996 he cofounded BPOC, a private equity management firm that invests in middle-market buy-out transactions, recapitalizations and growth platforms exclusively in healthcare. BPOC is currently investing from its sixth fund. Mr. O’Keefe lives in Miami, Florida, and also resides part-time in Chicago, Illinois, and Columbus, Indiana. He holds a B.A. in Economics from Northwestern University and an M.B.A. in Finance from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Ken O’Keefe Chair, Board of Directors




THE 65 TH ANNUAL VIZCAYA BALL The November 2022 Vizcaya Ball, “The Enchanted Gardens,” was a magnificent culminating celebration of the centennial of the estate’s unique and spectacular gardens. Co-chaired by Jenni and Joshua Coba and Ken O’Keefe, the event raised $935,000. Guests enjoyed the evening with special performances from the Miami Symphony Orchestra, Miami Circus Arts Center, New Century Dance Company, Valerie Tyson Band and Laser Net. A special thank you to Presenting Patrons Nancy V. T. McCormick and Ramon Rasco, Presenting Sponsor Kenneth C. Griffin, and corporate sponsors DiMare Fresh, Terra, Republic National Distributing Company, NBC6 and Thierry Isambert Culinary Design.

We are deeply grateful for the commitment of our remarkable stakeholders, who have generously shared their time, spirit and financial resources. Our dedicated Board of Directors, generous donors, loyal members, and James Deering Society, Ball and Preservation Luncheon supporters, community partners, and elected officials have all played key roles in making this a year filled with generosity.

Generosity at the Forefront: Thanks to your support, fundraising efforts raised over $3.1 million for the second consecutive year. Record-breaking Events: Our two signature fundraising events sold out immediately, together hosting 633 attendees and bringing in nearly $1.5 million in revenue. The annual Ball and Preservation Luncheon are celebrated affairs of the Miami social season and are attended by community leaders and philanthropists who value Vizcaya as an educational resource. Reaching Campaign Goal: The Garden Centennial Campaign launched in the summer 2022 with the goal of raising $1.1 million to support three restoration projects in the gardens to significantly enhance visitor experience. Through our collective efforts, we reached the $1.1 million goal in under one year. We thank the more than 293 donors who supported the campaign and helped us achieve our goal! The campaign is funding the comprehensive restoration of the monumental mural on the ceiling of the Garden Mound Casino and creating high-quality replicas of the extraordinary gates and peacock-topped columns in the Marine Garden. Growing Community Support: On Give Miami Day in 2022, Vizcaya secured gifts from 93 donors and raised over $89,344, representing an increase of 205% from 2021. Participation is growing as well. Giving reflected a 21% increase in the number of donors who participated—the largest amount and participation ever! Of those who gave, 72 donors were repeat donors.

New and Loyal Supporters: In our commitment to donor stewardship, a total of 41 donors demonstrated a significant increase in their giving, representing a 224% increase from the prior year. Furthermore, 499 new donors joined our community. These accomplishments showcase notable progress in enhancing the engagement of current donors and expanding our network of new supporters. Launching New Programs: This year we launched the Corporate Partner Program to engage the corporate community and increase support. As part of this initiative, we hosted the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce’s Senior Executive Orientation program on October 19, 2023. As we embark on ambitious future endeavors, your support holds greater significance than ever before.

THE 15 TH ANNUAL PRESERVATION LUNCHEON Every spring, Vizcaya opens its doors to South Florida’s boldest fashion-forward supporters, inviting them to a spectacular afternoon of friendship and philanthropy. This year’s Preservation Luncheon, held in March 2023, was co-chaired by Eilah Campbell Beavers, Swanee DiMare and Christy Martin, and raised nearly $550,000. Sponsors included Neiman Marcus Coral Gables, Shaw Ross International Importers, DiMare Fresh, Terra and Liquore Strega.





Donations and Grants Membership and James Deering Society




My involvement honors my family’s legacy, established by my parents, Estelle and Emil J. Gould, whose unwavering support for Vizcaya dates back to the 1950s. I feel immense pride in carrying their tradition forward. During the 1970s, I found my own connection with Vizcaya as a member of La Lega dei Viscayani, the young adults’ group. The memories I’ve amassed over the years are a testament to the enduring allure of this extraordinary estate. From the refined grandeur of the “Vizcaya Picnic” with its exquisite china, crystal, delectable cuisine, vintage automobiles and period-clad guests, to the enchanting evenings spent beneath the stars at the annual Vizcaya Ball, the courtyard concerts and lectures, and the captivating tours of both the Main House and gardens—each moment is etched in my heart. Today, I see love for Vizcaya flourishing in the hearts of my children and grandchildren. Their enthusiastic endorsements of Vizcaya to their friends underscore the estate’s timeless allure. Witnessing my granddaughter create her first plein-air painting at Vizcaya filled me with immense joy.


We invite you to play a role in our community’s future by including Vizcaya in your estate plans and joining our Legacy Society. Planned gifts provide important long-term support for Vizcaya and its programs, often while reducing your tax liability. There are many ways to make a meaningful gift, either during your lifetime or through estate planning. We welcome a conversation about how these options can benefit both you and Vizcaya. Legacy Society Benefits Include: • Recognition in our Annual Report (if desired). • Personalized assistance to optimize your involvement with Vizcaya. • Reduced tax liability (in many cases). • Knowing that you have made a lasting contribution to ensure Vizcaya’s future. For questions about joining the Legacy Society, please contact Stephanie A. Mayer, Chief Advancement Officer, at or 305-860-8445.

The resplendent ceiling and surrounding walls of the swimming pool grotto, adorned with a mesmerizing tapestry of sea life in relief, hold a special place in my heart. Preserving this masterpiece is a passion I am wholeheartedly committed to in my lifetime. I am honored to support this cherished treasure through both an annual gift and a planned bequest. As we celebrated Vizcaya’s centenary with resplendent festivities, my commitment to securing its future has only grown stronger. With a vision spanning to Vizcaya’s bicentennial, I am dedicated to ensuring that this enchanting place will continue to captivate, inspire and bring joy to generations of both locals and visitors. I invite you to stand alongside me in preserving Vizcaya’s legacy for the future by including Vizcaya in your estate plans. Together, we can ensure that Vizcaya remains a place of enduring wonder and delight for all who come to know its grace.





Among the highlights of our public participation and response in the past fiscal year were the following activities and recognition. Visitation: Vizcaya is a welcoming and dynamic cultural space for the Miami-Dade community and for visitors from around the world. We were proud to welcome 317,401 visitors last year through admission, programs and events. Contemporary Arts Program: In the fall of 2022, Vizcaya re-launched the Contemporary Arts Program’s annual commissioned exhibition with Wish Towers , a modular sculpture made of fossilized coral collected from Puerto Rico’s shores by artists Jaime and Javier Suárez Berrocal. Commissioned projects continued in the summer of 2023 with The Kitchin , a community- made stop-motion animation film created over six weeks of workshops with artists Karla Caprali and Sofia Cabral along with 204 community members. Performing Arts: Throughout the fall of 2022, Hued Songs, IlluminArts and Vizcaya presented “Through the Storm: Women Walking in Greatness,” a three-part series of performances amplifying the historic contributions of three influential women creating change in South Florida. Through music and spoken word stories, the performances celebrated Dorothy Jenkins Fields, Sandrell Rivers and Betty Mae Tiger Jumper. Farmers Market: The weekly Vizcaya Village Farmer’s Market evokes Vizcaya’s past and welcomes approximately 28,000 visitors annually to support local farmers and sustainable landscapes.






*Current at the time of publication.




Interpretation and Storytelling: Vizcaya respects and conveys its history by sharing personal stories and broader social themes. This includes podcasts, land acknowledgment, storytelling projects, interpretive panels, bilingual materials, audio tours and more. Community Partnerships: Vizcaya maintains active relationships with approximately 60 organizations, all aimed at fostering community engagement and supporting programming efforts. Community Programs: Vizcaya’s community programs offer a range of immersive experiences, promoting connections between art, history and the South Florida environment. These programs include climate discussions, collaborative art- making, evening events, nocturnal wildlife exploration, educational talks and environmental initiatives. Notable programs include the Vizcaya Climate Collaborative, Collaborative Art-Making, Vizcaya Lates, Wild Vizcaya Nocturnal Edition, Vizcaya Talks, Baynanza and the International Coastal Cleanup. Together, these initiatives welcomed 8,670 community members in fiscal year 2022–23, fostering excitement, curiosity and shared social experiences while promoting environmental awareness and conservation. School Programs: Vizcaya annually welcomes over 5,000 K–12 students, striving to make its programs accessible and

impactful. We provide lessons on Coconut Grove’s Bahamian heritage, engage scientists and students in identifying local species, and offer mentorship programs for high school students to explore Vizcaya’s creative traditions. For example, the Creative Vizcaya school program connected 247 high school students with four local artists to participate in hands-on workshops inspired by Vizcaya’s art collections, design and architecture. We also launched the Teen Environmental Council in 2023—this is a teen-led program for tenth through twelfth graders that focuses on the environment, preservation and conservation, where participants earn volunteer service hours and a monthly stipend. Volunteers: Vizcaya actively engages in volunteer recruitment for positions such as Guides, Greeters and Horticulture volunteers. Volunteer training and onboarding are conducted through a hybrid curriculum that combines in-person sessions with independent online learning. Partnerships with organizations like FIU Embrace, which serves individuals with intellectual disabilities, and the University of Florida’s Master Gardener Program contribute to our volunteer sourcing efforts. If you are interested in volunteering with Vizcaya please visit for more information. We welcome your participation!

Vizcaya’s commitment to welcoming the community is at the forefront of its initiatives, reflecting its historical role as a public resource. With the diverse makeup of Miami-Dade County, inclusivity and accessibility are paramount to our mission. We aim to reduce barriers and ensure everyone can enjoy the cultural richness Vizcaya offers. Through various programs and initiatives, we offer free or reduced admission to the following groups on an annual basis:














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Did you know? Vizcaya provides free buses to Title I schools for field trips, benefiting approximately 1,500 students yearly.





Vizcaya continues to prioritize stewardship with a wide range of art conservation and architectural preservation projects. Thousands of objects, tens of thousands of archival materials, and significant historical structures all need customized and constant care. Thanks to our generous donors, in the last year we have made significant progress in preserving some of Vizcaya’s most iconic collections for future generations. Vizcaya Garden Centennial Projects: Several projects honored the centennial of the completion of Vizcaya’s gardens, and restoring the Marine Garden to its original appearance has been a priority. The creation of high-quality replicas to replace the long-missing Gaston Lachaise-designed Peacock Columns is underway and the Samuel Yellin gates are being re-created. The monumental mural on the ceiling of the Garden Mound Casino—a portion of which is attributed to the studio of Italian Baroque painter Tiepolo and the remainder of which was completed by Swiss-American artist Paul Thevanez for Vizcaya—also received extensive conservation treatment. Swimming Pool Grotto Ceiling: A milestone has been reached in the conservation of Robert Winthrop Chanler’s swimming pool grotto ceiling. In June, a team of conservators completed the stabilization of the most vulnerable decorative elements of the mural and the installation of environmental monitoring equipment. The team also achieved full conservation treatment of a pilot section of the ceiling, demonstrating what the mural will look like after the entire surface is conserved. In September, the coral stone wall surfaces within the pool grotto were treated, which included addressing extensive staining, stabilizing loose areas and patching losses. Paintings in the Galleon Sitting Room: In June, conservators completed an extensive treatment of five landscape paintings from the 1700s that fill the walls of the Galleon sitting room. Environmental elements such as dust and humidity led to their gradual deterioration over the years. The fragile canvases were stabilized, discolored varnish lifted, and previously painted interventions were removed, revealing the original vibrant colors. The treatment also revealed details in the compositions that were long obscured. Upcoming Projects: In the coming year, we are planning an extensive restoration of Vizcaya’s beloved Welte pipe organ and adding additional climate-controlled storage for archival and object collections.

Vizcaya’s European-inspired gardens are among the most elaborate in the United States and celebrated their centennial in 2022. As the Horticulture Department steers Vizcaya’s gardens into their second century, we are thrilled to highlight significant achievements. New Horticulture Hub: The Paint Shop and its surrounding areas—located in the Vizcaya Village—have been transformed into the new center for team Horticulture, complemented by a spacious nursery facility—a feature not present at Vizcaya since the 1920s. Diverse Plant Care: Within these new facilities, the focus will be on the nurture of critically endangered Caribbean tree and shrub species, overseeing the nation’s most extensive collections of cast iron plants and physic nut species, and cultivating a wide range of edible plants from seeds and cuttings. These additions will grace our expanding edible gardens. Restoring Our Ecosystem: At the southern edge of Vizcaya Village, we are replicating the pine rockland ecosystem, reminiscent of the landscape that once covered much of Vizcaya’s original 180 acres. We are also partnering with local gardens to expand the species’ diversity. Orchid Collection: Our orchid collection has flourished remarkably, establishing us as the home to the largest and most diverse collection of Cattleya orchids in the United States. Preserving the Main Gardens: A multi-year undertaking is in progress to restore the main gardens to their 1920s’ splendor. Our objective is to ensure they remain accessible, stunning, and above all, resilient for the next century. Volunteers: Volunteers through HandsOn Miami participate in weekly gardening events on Thursdays and on the first and third Saturday of each month. Volunteers work with Vizcaya’s team of horticulturists to maintain the historic gardens and native habitats. Working together since 2008, Vizcaya welcomes approximately 750 volunteers each year through HandsOn Miami and the organization is now helping us to identify individuals who wish to volunteer directly with us on a recurring basis.

The recently completed pilot section of the swimming pool grotto ceiling demonstrates how the mural will appear after full conservation treatment.

A conservator in the process of removing varnish and grime from the upper left and lower right of a landscape painting in the Galleon sitting room.




In late 2022 Vizcaya established the Village Planning Committee to steer the restoration project to the finish line. The Committee—co-chaired by Vizcaya Board Directors Lynn Atkinson and Ann Walters-Pope—plays a pivotal role in advancing the Vizcaya Village rejuvenation. The Committee members are working closely with staff and architects Beyer Blinder Belle to bring the vision for the Village to life. WORDS FROM THE VILLAGE PLANNING COMMITTEE CO-CHAIRS “Co-chairing the Vizcaya Village Planning Committee is in keeping with my passion for architecture. The Village holds immense historical value, offering tremendous insights into the past. The Village, Main House and gardens will collectively continue serving as a living record of history, offering windows into the community’s evolution and the foundations of its identity. Our dedication to preserving and understanding these sites is crucial, as it not only connects the community with part of its cultural heritage but also helps us gain a deeper understanding of our own roots and identity. Exploration and preservation enrich our knowledge and appreciation of history.” — Ann Walters-Pope, Village Planning Committee Co-chair


Just across South Miami Avenue is a lesser known but equally impressive part of our community’s history waiting to be discovered—the Vizcaya Village. In the summer of 2022, we began construction on the next phases of the project to restore the Village and give it new life and purpose for all of Miami-Dade County to enjoy. This 12-acre space, nestled under grand banyan trees, was originally designed in 1916 to make Vizcaya self-sufficient. It features significant architecture and, after restoration, it will become a vibrant cultural hub, offering year-round programming and green spaces for the community. We also see it as a place for all ages to learn and explore. From gardening to arts and crafts, we will offer workshops to help you connect with the history of the estate, the people who worked here and Miami at large. Our restoration efforts are unfolding in multiple phases. In Phase 1 , which will be completed in 2024, we have already

made significant progress, with the demolition of non-historical buildings, essential updates to site infrastructure, and the ongoing renovation of the Paint Shop and Superintendent’s House. During Phase 2 , slated for 2025, we will focus on rehabilitating the Staff Residence and four Farm Quadrangle buildings, breathing new life into these historical structures. Phase 3 , planned for 2026, marks an exciting milestone as we welcome visitors to the Village, allowing them to explore its rich history. Phase 4 adds new community-centered buildings that will further enhance the cultural and creative hub that Vizcaya Village aspires to become. Each phase is a step forward in our journey to create a vibrant, engaging and inclusive space for all to enjoy. Whether you’re a visitor, a supporter or someone who’s just curious, we invite you to be part of this journey and help us create a promising future for the Vizcaya Village.

“I am thrilled to be involved in shaping the future of the Vizcaya Village. I know I speak for the entire Village Planning Committee when I say that we are committed to making the Village a beacon of community outreach. This property has amazing historical buildings, including the charming Farm Quadrangle, the Paint Shop, the Superintendent’s House and the Garage. This historical area is being beautifully restored and will function perfectly as a welcome center for visitors and an ideal venue for community-based and staff activities. The remainder of the property will be used for greenhouses, urban farming, the Farmer’s Market and other community-based activities. It’s a thrill to walk through the property and envision all the possibilities for this spectacular space. I hope that the legacy of our work will be that the Vizcaya Village is a great enhancement to the Vizcaya community for generations to come.” — Lynn Atkinson, Village Planning Committee Co-chair




“I’ve been volunteering for a year, and it has been a great experience being able to see behind the scenes and appreciate how much work goes into keeping Vizcaya flourishing.” — Dana Katz, Horticulture Volunteer

“This experience has inspired me to find more historic spots around me. Even though I lived in Miami, this place was so new to me.” — Twelfth grade student, Archbishop Coleman Carroll High School

“My favorite part of Vizcaya are the gardens. They are so peaceful and majestic. I wanted to join the Board to broaden the community work I do in Miami. I volunteer with several social services agencies, but Vizcaya was my opportunity to participate in the growth of an artistic institution.” — Sandy Dorsainvil, Board Member

“This experience has inspired me to look into more styles of architecture and makes me more appreciative of old styles of exterior and interior.” — Fifth grade student, Key Point Academy

“Coming out to volunteer as a group builds great teamwork and is such a rewarding experience, especially at such a historic place as Vizcaya!” — Ruben Yanes, Horticulture Volunteer

“I first visited Vizcaya for a ninth-grade field trip. Little did I know the many ways Vizcaya would impact my life. My first full-time job was at the old Museum of Science that was located in Vizcaya Village. Twenty-five years later, after I joined the Vizcaya staff, I found a photo from the construction years with one of my great uncles in it. Turns out he was Vizcaya’s first gardener! I think I was destined to be here.” — Charlotte Donn, Staff Member “My first memories of Vizcaya were as a five-year-old; it was a beautiful castle on the water filled with treasures. As I grew up, I learned to appreciate the history and importance of having a site like Vizcaya in Miami, a city of where it often feels like development erases locations that should be preserved. I am happy to see Vizcaya being protected for future generations to form their own happy memories like I did years ago!” — Vanessa Cambrelen, Staff Member “During my visit I was surprised that the place was so big, and I mean humongous! Also, there were so many artifacts and trees. I could finally breathe perfectly and my nose never got stuffy.” — Fourth grade student, Morningside K-8 Academy

“This experience has inspired me to go to Vizcaya again sometime whenever I have the time. It also inspires me to work on my creativity and art.” — Fourth grade student, Hialeah Elementary “I learned very creative new art techniques that I really liked, and I loved knowing a new place. It was relaxing and nourishing for the mind.” — Tenth grade student, Booker T Washington

“Vizcaya is important because it fully preserves a lifestyle that no longer exists. The authenticity of its collection is outstanding, from antiques to original fine art. The estate is well complemented by its remarkable orchid collection and gardens and the Village, accomplishments in interior design and architecture bring it all together to create a magnificent and unmatched place.” — William D. Robbins, Donor and Honorary Board Member

“Vizcaya is a place where you can learn about history, art and culture, while also enjoying the beauty of nature and architecture. By joining the Board, I can support Vizcaya in continuing to thrive as a cultural hub on a local, national and global scale.” — Odilon Almeida, Board Member

“In 1965 I moved from Minneapolis to Miami to become University of Miami’s teacher of theatre history, lighting and scenic design. Then I discovered Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, Miami’s marvelous time machine, full of splendid rooms from the 16th through the 19th centuries, and a perfect place to teach future stage designers the all- important history of décor. For the next fifty years I gave several tours each semester for those students. Now in retirement, I happily serve as a Vizcaya volunteer guide, giving public tours twice a week.” — Ken Kurtz, Donor and Volunteer Guide

“This experience has inspired me to learn more history so I can learn more about my city and how they lived back then.” — Fourth grade student, Everglades K-8 Center

“This experience has inspired me to plant more and help the environment more.” — Fifth grade student, Key Point Academy property and continuing to the front door and beyond, always takes my breath away.” — Donald A. Kress, Board Member “My favorite thing about Vizcaya is the extraordinary beauty of the setting of the house and grounds. The approach to Vizcaya, starting with the entrance to the

“Vizcaya is a time capsule…Stepping through the gates of the estate is truly traveling back in time. Volunteering here has allowed me to learn about the architecture, gardens, history, and to share this knowledge with the diverse visitors who come to explore this Florida landmark. Over the years I have had the privilege to work alongside an incredible group of individuals who are passionate about preserving this historical gem. Being a part of the Vizcaya community has been an honor. It has enriched my life and provided joy.” — Barbara Jacobazzi, Member and Volunteer Greeter

“The moment I pass Vizcaya’s gate and drive slowly to the Piazza, I feel transported, both physically and mentally, from the busy, fast-paced world to a beautiful, restful and reflective place. When I moved to Miami, I sought a connection with its history and community and so I volunteered as a greeter and then guide at Vizcaya. This involvement gave me a deep appreciation not only of the beauty of Vizcaya but also of the important role it plays in understanding the world around us. — Andres Gil, Board Member

“My favorite thing about Vizcaya is that James Deering was very much ahead of his time. The technology of the house, with the intercom, telephone and lighting was so advanced! For Miami being such a young city, it’s really one of the only historic places we have, and to be a part of that history makes me proud.” — Christy Martin, Board Member

“Having my quinceañera photoshoot at Vizcaya was a dream come true. The grandeur of this Italianate estate by Biscayne Bay created an enchanting setting. Surrounded by lush gardens and ornate architecture, I felt like a princess from a bygone era.” — Sheila Martinez, Staff Member




$10,000 to $49,999

Regina Moskow Neiman Marcus Coral Gables Bonnie O’Meara & Harry Tapias

Taffy Gould John Grisham Gucci America, Inc. Camila Guiribitey & Juan Carlos Izquierdo Marcia Hayes & G. Daniel Prigmore Sally A. Heyman (Miami-Dade County) Carol Iacovelli Institute of Museum and Library Services Cathy L. Jones Susan Kahn The Kirk Foundation Donald & Elizabeth Kress Kenneth Kurtz & Robert Squier Mariann Marinberg Christy & David Martin Carlyn S. McCaffrey

Jayne & Leonard Abess Brian & Mary Alden Odilon Almeida

The Vizcaya family extends its deepest appreciation to each individual, foundation, corporation and governmental agency that supported the organization and its operations from October 1, 2022 to September 30, 2023. It is through your generosity that Vizcaya was able to achieve the accomplishments highlighted in this report.

Damian J. Pardo Olga Postolnikov

Anthony R. Abraham Foundation Audrey Love Charitable Foundation Pearl Baker-Katz & Marcus Katz Ben & Eilah Beavers Beatriz & Graham Bolton Suzy Buckley Woodward & Josh Woodward Bulgari

Nicole & Regan Remillard Samuel H. Kress Foundation Charles C. Seitz The Steven C. Bagdan Charitable Foundation, Inc. Terra Van Cleef & Arpels Sadek & Suzy Wahba John & Josie Wang Adam & Alexa Wolman


Candida Burnap Anirays Camino Coral Gables Trust M. Victoria Cummock The Danielson Foundation Andres V. Gil

$100,000 and above Atkinson Family Foundation Chauncey and Marion D. McCormick Family Foundation David A. Klein Foundation Deering Foundation Florida Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs Florida Division of Emergency Management Christopher Hunt Janet Traeger Salz Charitable Trust National Endowment for the Humanities National Park Service Ken O’Keefe & Jason Stephens $50,000 to $99,999 Jenni & Joshua Coba The Cordeiro Family Foundation Donald Deubler & Anastasiya Hilbran DiMare Fresh Swanee DiMare

$1,000 to $9,999

Lee Danielson Nick D’Annunzio & Tara Solomon Juan Jose Delgado & Gabriela Rachadell de Delgado Patricia Delinois Victor Diaz Nirva Digeronimo Brett & Julie Dill Marvin Dunn & Andrea Loring Arina Feeney Sarah Feil Marshall Field V Sandra Fiorenza Florida International University Wolfsonian Public Humanities Lab Katherine Frey Jarad Gibson Gonzalez & Javier Gonzalez Kacey Goldstein Maria A. Grimalt Julia Guerrini Tatiana Guiribitey Mira Hanna Joanne Hansell Rodri g uez & Ronald Rodriguez William & T eresa Hansen Mildred Gillot Julianne Glatz Linda & Sidney Goldberg

House of Huston Foundation Maritza Jacobson Alice Jebelean Daysi & Stefan Johansson France-Marie Jordan Joan A. Jude Allison & Zachary Julius Gerard Keating J. Megan Kelly Jelena Khurana Denise Kory Margaret M. LaManna M.D. Carolina Lanao Krystyna Laukien Danet Linares Jeffrey & Marta Liroff Caroline Lobon Jorge Luis & Marile Lopez Evelyn MacKenzie Miriam Maer & Lee Taylor Marin Community Foundation Catherine Anne Markert

Taja Abitbol Laurel B. Allen Donald & Mary Altemus Amanda Altman Daniel Aruca Maria J. Beguiristain Dan & Trish Bell Kaylisa Beneby Jeffrey & Yolanda Berkowitz Daniele Berland Fran Berrick Mitchell Bierman Bill Kent Family Foundation Katie Blanco Marta & Ron Bloom Samuel Boldrick & Ed Casado Roxxy Brown Mary Bryant McCourt Zaida Carmona Cartier Terri Castellano Alicia Celorio Agnes Chaitas Mary Champion Mireille Chancy Gonzalez Evelyn Chesney & Donald Smith Scott D. Clary Lisette Coen Michael Comras & Daniela Swaebe The Cowles Charitable Trust Jessica Cristobal Jose Cuneo Beverly Danielson

Danielle Merollo Dwight Merriman The Miami Foundation Jeremy Milgroom & Ariel Penzer Milgroom Bronwyn Miller Alan & Jo Mobley Anthony & Elizabeth Morgenthau Zaily Mosquea Juan & Laura Munilla Jana Neff The Niemeyer Family Foundation

Dosal Family Foundation Efroymson Family Fund Kenneth C. Griffin James Deering Danielson Foundation Leo Rosner Foundation, Inc. Nancy McCormick & Ramon Rasco

Eleanor Haydock Kathryn R. Heinly

Ana & Arturo Hernandez Joel Hoffman & John Stuart Marci & Ronald Holzer

Jamie Horrobin Hayden Hosford



$1,000 to $9,999 (continued)


Marisa Toccin Lucas Lydia & Rudy Touzet

Angeleke Saridakis Meghna Sethi Candise Shanbron Shaw Ross International Importers

Monica Otero Paul & Velma Papier Ariana Pareja Stephanie P. Pawlak

Silvia Trinidad Lourdes Tudela Peter Tully Jennifer Valoppi Charles Venable & Martin Webb The Villagers, Inc. Ann E. Walters-Pope Westminster Barrington Foundation Gigi & Randall Whitman Wendy Wolf Bradley & Lizabel Young

Officers Ken O’Keefe, Chair

Dana & Gary Shear Tere Shelton-Bernace Scott & Yvonne Silver Kimberly Simoes Rhonda Singer Leidys Soler Fran Solomon Linda & Stephen Strachan Leah Sylvester Beth & Richard Tasca Andrew & Tatiana Teo Christina Termine Blair & William Thompson Katya Thompson Pamela Tobias

Lorena Perozo Elpidia Pierre M. E. Pinedo Sonia Pomeroy Sarita Pupo-Mayo Jimmy & Vivian Quiroga Reef Seekers Questers Republic National Distributing Company Aaron Rodriguez Sonya Rolin Donald Amy Ronner Krista Rosenberg Patricio & Yury Rossi Susan Rutrough & Dennis Sierra Martin & Tricia Sandler Kay & Robert Apfel The Benevity Community Impact Fund Blackbaud Lisa A. Brenskelle Michael & Susan Cahill Michael Carpenter Pat Cervi Charles & Sue Cobb John Coleman & Peter Smith Vincent Cordero & Stephanie Mayer Cristina David Christina Davis Do Unto Others Trust, Inc. Charlotte Donn Vivi Dueñas Catherine Dumait-Harper & Alan Harper Bernard Eizen Michael Eye Facebook Francine Floerke Michelle Fries Eve Cunning John Dalton John & Meg Daly

Adam Wolman, Vice Chair Terri Castellano, Secretary Charles Seitz, Treasurer Directors Odilon Almeida Lynn Atkinson

Anqi Zhang Patty Zhang Terra Ziolkowski Emily Zubi

Donald Deubler Sandy Dorsainvil Marvin Dunn Andres V. Gil Christopher Hunt

$100 to $999

Sylvia Niemeyer Hossein Noshirvani Roderick Petrey John Petrowsky & Tom Vise Jaime Pineda Daniel Radrizzani Ana Rasco Cammy Richards Ana Rico David Rosendorf Johanna Rousseaux Jeffrey & Kayla Rynor Mary & Saul Sanders Alejandra Serna Katy Sorenson Doyle & Myra Stephens Stephanie Suskind Ernest Tepman Michael B. Troner Eleanor Williamson Jerome Wilson Gregory Zappala

Roxana Garciga Yana Govorukhina Jennifer Gregg Mark Grier David Hardy John & Maria Alma Harris Heritage Museum and Gardens Jose Antonio Hernandez Paula Hornbostel J. Calvin and Mildred H. Jureit Fund

Cathy Jones Susan Kahn Donald A. Kress Lydia Lopez, ex-officio member

Kathleen Jones David Kennedy Karen Kett The Lachaise Foundation Doris Lam Cathy Leff Ivonete Leite Mayor Daniella Levine Cava Lydia Lopez Adriana Macedo Moncayo Diana Matjasec Rachel Miller Tracy Mourning Network for Good

Christy Martin Laura Munilla Damian Pardo

Harry Tapias Suzy Wahba Ann Walters-Pope Honorary Board Mireille Chancy Gonzalez Swanee DiMare (Founding Member) William D. Robbins Jeffrey Rynor

Members With sincere gratitude, we extend our thanks to over 2,000 loyal members who support Vizcaya and our programs year after year.




Stephanie A. Mayer Chief Advancement Officer Office: 305-860-8445 | Cell: 305-877-6304 Yina Balarezo Director of Membership 305-860-8417 Miriam R. Barcia Director of Advancement Operations and Campaigns 305-860-8420 Sheila Martinez Advancement Associate 305-860-8419 Cammy Richards

Through your generous support, we will continue to preserve Vizcaya’s legacy and advance our impact, mission and vision for the future. Our plans are bold, and we invite you to be a part of them by making a gift today.

Fundraising Events Director


305-860-8404 Claire Sieber

Member Services Associate 305-887-0244 Talmage Thornhill Director of Corporate, Foundation and Government Relations 305-860-8454

Annual Fund, Vizcaya Museum and Gardens 3251 South Miami Avenue | Miami, FL 33129 Please make check payable to: Vizcaya Museum and Gardens Trust, Inc.


For general inquiries please contact

Photo credit: Robin Hill Photography


Vizcaya Museum and Gardens 3251 South Miami Avenue Miami, Florida 33129

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Photo by David Hardy

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