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A WHITE- GLOVED HAND WHY I STRIVE TO CONNECT WITH CLIENTS L ike many people,I hate going to the dentist. It’s an uncomfortable experience where I feel powerless. I don’t know anything about dentistry, and that lack of clarity can lead to anxiety. When a dentist or hygienist goes out of their way to explain to me what they are doing and make me feel comfortable with the process, I feel much better about the whole experience. Even when they have to tell me something I may not want to hear, I’m grateful for the straight talk. Just that little extra effort really puts my mind at ease. I bring this up because we try to do the same thing here at Emery Law Office. Our goal is to clear the fog surrounding legal issues so that you can focus on what really matters: getting better. We have some weird laws in Kentucky, and I wouldn’t expect anyone outside the legal profession to be able to make much sense of them. When somebody comes into our office, it’s usually the first time they’re dealing with a major auto accident. They’re stressed, confused, and hurting. On top of all that, they’re

This white-glove service extends to every member of our team. On top of getting to meet wonderful people, I get to work alongside a talented, dedicated staff every day. We all believe in what we do, and nobody hesitates to go above and

beyond for the people we are fortunate enough to serve. If we see an opportunity to offer some solace or comfort during a tough time, we never hesitate to go the extra mile. Maybe that involves an extra phone call or a small token to say we’re listening. Whatever form it takes, we’re more than happy to do it.

probably fielding calls from insurance agents or friends who “knew somebody in an accident.” Trying to navigate this process is no fun while in pain, and they could certainly use a helping hand. We strive to provide that hand. More than that, we want to learn about our clients as people. Maybe it’s a Kentucky thing, but I rarely have a meeting with a client where all we talk about is their case — don’t worry, I don’t charge by the hour. Now, don’t get me wrong, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to diligence in our work. But our clients aren’t just case file numbers; they’re members of our community. Maybe they’re having trouble with their teenager, and I’ll think “Hey, I’ve been there.” I’ll offer a word of encouragement, because I know how hard that phase can be. I’ll say, “I can tell you from experience that they don’t stay teenagers forever.” This sort of personal connection seems out of the ordinary in our industry, but in my opinion, it should be the norm.

“More than that, we want to

learn about our clients as people. Maybe it’s a Kentucky thing, but I rarely have a meeting with a client where all we talk about is their case — don’t worry, I don’t charge by the hour.”

Gestures like these may not be grand or fancy, but they mean a lot to us. We’re representing people going through a tough time, and it matters that we show all the care and compassion we can. Meeting and helping people, after all, is why I got into law in the first place.

––-Melissa Emery


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’Tis the season for hot beverages! Sure, Americans love coffee all year long, but as the holidays roll around, hot chocolate sales boom. There’s something satisfying about sweet, rich chocolate topped with whipped cream and marshmallows. It’s a classic combination, but who says the classics can’t be updated? Broaden your hot chocolate horizons this holiday season with some truly unique recipes!

Raspberry Hot Chocolate

Tired of the dreary, gray winter weather? Is sounds like you could use a dash of sweet pink! Real raspberry puree gives this drink a much-needed burst of fruity delight, especially when you swap out the usual milk chocolate with creamy white chocolate. Toss a few raspberries on top, and you’re sure to be enchanted by the colors and the flavor. Check out the recipe at sugarhero.com/raspberry-white-hot-chocolate/.

Aztec Hot Chocolate

Frozen Hot Chocolate

This spicy drink pays homage to those original chocoholics, the Aztecs. Cacao beans are native to Mesoamerica, and the ancient Aztec loved to grind the beans and serve them in a bitter, frothy liquid. In this recipe, dark chocolate, chili pepper, and cinnamon blend into a rich treat, but you’ll also have access to a couple ingredients the Aztecs didn’t have: sugar and milk. Learn how to make the perfect winter drink at theendlessmeal.com/spicy-aztec-hot-chocolate.

If your winter wonderland view is less than snowy, you might be craving a cooler hot chocolate beverage. It’s your standard hot chocolate recipe, but it replaces the pot and stove with some ice and a blender! Yes, you can still top it with whipped cream and sprinkles. Find the full recipe at centercutcook.com/frozen-hot-chocolate/. Whether you’re a casual cocoa drinker or a true chocolate connoisseur, there’s an incredible recipe waiting for you. The best part? You can keep trying different hot chocolates until you find your new favorite.


policy, but you’d be surprised how many people waive that coverage unknowingly. If you’re in an accident with an uninsured or underinsured driver and you lack these policies, you can end up paying out-of-pocket for damages caused through no fault of your own. At this point, you may be wondering if there are situations where somebody has too much, rather than not enough, insurance. These situations do happen, and they are often related to the size of your collision coverage deductible. If you drive an old vehicle and cannot afford to pay the size of your deductible, you may want to consider restructuring your policy. In our reviews, we don’t just cover these common issues. We review every aspect of your policy. We show you what you have, suggest options for improving your coverage, and let you make the personal decision regarding what’s best for you. Our consultations are totally free and take about 30 minutes to complete. We ask that you schedule an appointment and bring your policy declarations page with you, which can be obtained from your insurance agent. Call us today to find out what holes may be hiding in your auto insurance policy. I am not licensed to sell auto insurance, nor do I benefit in any way from providing policy suggestions. My goal is simply review your policy and make sure that you have the best coverage for your needs.

At Emery Law Office, we wish that auto insurance policies weren’t so confusing. As the system works now, however, people often don’t understand the intricacies of their policy. Everyone deserves to have peace of mind when they’re out on the road. Because of the lack of clarity surrounding policy decisions, we offer a free auto policy review to anyone seeking a little guidance. The two areas where policies are most often lacking are uninsured motorist (UM) and underinsured motorist (UIM) coverage. These types of coverage cover costs incurred to you in the event that you are injured or your car is damaged by a driver without sufficient coverage, or without insurance at all. In Kentucky, UM coverage is standard on every

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Even if you have no interest in law, you’ve probably heard about the infamous “hot coffee case” from friends. Here’s what most people think happened: A woman bought a coffee from McDonald’s, spilled it on herself, and made millions of dollars. As often happens with word-of-mouth tales, the reality is a lot more complicated than the myth. “Hot Coffee,” a 2011 documentary, seeks to untangle what really happened. Stella Liebeck is the plaintiff the world knows as “the hot coffee lady.” After ordering a coffee from a McDonald’s drive-thru, she sat in her parked car and took the lid off. With 16 percent of her body covered in burns, Stella incurred $10,000 in medical bills. Her injuries were so severe that she required major surgery and skin grafts. She wrote a letter asking for McDonald’s to cover the cost, with no intention whatsoever to sue. When McDonald’s offered a paltry $800, Stella had no choice but to talk to a lawyer. “I was not it in for the money,” Stella says. “I was in it because I wanted them to bring the temperature down, so other people would not go through the same thing I did.” Stella’s legal team discovered that not only was McDonald’s serving coffee at 180–190 degrees, far above the standard brew temperature, but also that over 700 people had complained about burns. Ken Wagner, Stella’s lawyer, describes McDonald’s behavior as “callous and indifferent.” The result, then, was far from a rip-off. It was the logical conclusion of the legal process, decided on by a jury of regular citizens. So, if that’s what really happened, then why did so many people come away thinking of Stella as an old lady eager to sue? “Hot Coffee” suggests a number of reasons. First, the media jumped on the story immediately and distorted public perception. Second, that’s exactly what McDonald’s wanted. Think about it: If they can portray regular people as all-too-willing to file a frivolous lawsuit, they protect themselves from further cases.


2 cans refrigerated crescent rolls 8 ounces cream cheese, softened 1 can cherry pie filling 2/3 cup sugar 2 teaspoons vanilla For the Glaze 1/3 cup powdered sugar 2 teaspoons milk


1. Combine the glaze ingredients until smooth and set aside until the Danish is baked and cooled. 2. Open the packages of crescent rolls, but do not separate them. Using a serrated knife, slice each roll into 12 equal pieces. Using your thumb or the back of a spoon, gently indent the middle of each circle so there is a space for the cream cheese to be placed inside. Arrange the crescent circles into the shape of a Christmas tree. 3. Place a small spoonful of the cream cheese mixture into the center of each crescent circle. Then, place a small spoonful of the cherry pie filling on top.

4. Bake at 350 F for 18–20 minutes. 5. Let cool and drizzle with the glaze.

If you’ve ever heard of this famous case and wanted to know the truth, “Hot Coffee” will prove an enlightening and exciting documentary.


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I t’s almost Christmas, and if you have small kids, you know what that means: prepping for the arrival of a jolly man in a red suit and his confusingly named reindeer. Some of us may remember spending Christmas Eve curled on the couch with a cup of hot cocoa as radio reports tracked Santa’s trip around the globe. But these days, kiddos have gotten a little more high-tech in their search for up-to-date, GPS-driven Kringle updates. First, there’s the Google Santa Tracker (santatracker.google.com), a full-fledged holiday hub for your browser powered by Google Maps, including, of course, an up-to-the-minute GPS tracker for the big man. The application arrived in 2004, and it’s been updated every year since. During the countdown to Christmas, there’s a colorfully animated advent calendar of sorts, where buildings around Santa’s village “thaw out” and reveal a host of fun games and activities. There’s even a section titled “Santa Tracker for Educators,” which includes kid-friendly coding games, information on international holiday traditions, and a translation app to “learn the Santa lingo from around the world.” When the eve of the big day finally comes, Google promises a showcase of Santa’s “dashboard, the technology that powers his sleigh during his around-the-world journey.” Featuring “the latest and greatest … in sleigh engineering,” the app displays a Google Maps window that tracks each of Santa’s stops, gives status updates from Old Saint Nick, and tells kids how far he is from their city. It’s a colorful, fun adventure for the whole family.

same organization that tracks nuclear missiles for the government. Similar to Google, noradsanta.org includes a variety of fun games and activities leading up to Christmas. But unlike Google, NORAD has a dedicated Santa-tracking app for your phone,

where you can see a 3-D view of Santa’s location during his trip. The app also features videos, so you and your little ones can see clips of Santa flying around major landmarks and world

cities. Just don’t stay up too late watching them. You don’t want Santa to skip over your house!

Of course, Google’s not the only kid on the Santa-tracking block. There’s also NORAD Tracks Santa , operated by the North American Aerospace Defense Command, the


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