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Council is trying to decide whether or not to make Note-Dame Street in Rockland one-way traffic only. Two years ago the City of Clarence- Rockland hired a consultant to do a traffic study to determine whether some of the narrow streets within the Town of Rockland and any of the villages should be designated for one-way traffic only. An administration report received during the February 17 com- mittee session of council noted that the municipal office has received “a significant number” of complaints about traffic hazards for pedestrians in the residential areas of some narrow streets. “Complaints are mainly in the winter when pedestrians have to walk in the street,” stated the report. “In addition, some of these streets do not meet the minimum widths required (by the province) to be considered as two-way roads.” Last year, based on results of the consul- tant review, Victoria Street and Garneau Street were both redesignated for one-way traffic only. Based on the traffic review study, the report recommended that the section of /PUSF%BNF 4USFFU CFUXFFO UIF -BVSJFS Street and Tanya Street intersections become a one-way street only for south- bound traffic. The report also recommended SFNPWJOHUIFTUPQTJHOTPOUIF/PUSF%BNF Street side of the Alma Street and Gilles Street intersections. The stop signs on the Alma Street and Gilles Street side of the intersections would remain. Public notice needed 8BSE$PVODJMMPS$BSM(SJNBSEOPUFEUIBU the city needs to do a public information

campaign about the proposed change of /PUSF%BNF4USFFUUPPOFXBZUSBGàDTPUIBU neighbourhood residents, and the general population of Clarence-Rockland, are aware of the situation. He suggested the aware- ness campaign should take place for a period of two months before the change. Council agreed with Grimard’s suggestion BOEWPUFEUPEFGFSNBLJOH/PUSF%BNF4USFFU a one-way traffic only route until a public infor- mation campaign has taken place. Council did approve removal of the stop signs on UIFDPSOFSPG/PUSF%BNF4USFFUBUUIF"MNB Street and Gilles Street intersections. Une partie de la rue Notre-Dame à Rockland deviendra un axe à sens unique plus tard dans l’année. La rue est trop étroite pour servir de voie de circulation à double sens et devient un danger pour la circulation piétonne pendant l’hiver. La ville mènera une campagne d’information publique pour sensibiliser les résidents du quartier et le reste de Clarence-Rockland au changement d’itinéraire avant que le changement de désignation n’ait lieu. —photo Gregg Chamberlain

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$470,000 dedicated to new equipment purchases for the public works department, including a road shoulder works machine valued at $60,000.

More than $2 million in this year’s budget for Alfred-Plantagenet Township goes towards road improvements. The capital works portion of the 2021 municipal budget totals $2,928,416. The majority of that fund, at about $2.4 million, concerns either improvements to existing roads or buying new equipment to help maintain roads and other infrastructure in the township. The roadwork portion of the capital works budget alone totals about $2 million, and includes $200,000 for a new sand dome for storing sand for future winter road maintenance. Most of the funding allocation, which totals about $1.4 million, is for gravelling, paving, and road shoulder improvements. Roadwork plans This year’s road work plan for the public works departments includes gravel resurfa- cing of sections of Concession 10, 9, and 7 in Plantagenet, Concession 2 and 1 in 8FOEPWFS BOEQBWJOHXPSLGPS+FTTPQ'BMMT Road and Parent Road in Plantagenet, along with improvement work on Pitch Off Road in Plantagenet, along with paving part of the SPBETIPVMEFSPG.BJO4USFFUJO8FOEPWFS and work on sidewalks in Plantagenet. The capital works budget also includes

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Le budget de cette année pour le canton d’Alfred-Plantagenet comprend plus de 2 millions de dollars pour l’amélioration des routes et autres infrastructures. —photo d’archives

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