USDA Inspected Boneless Pork Cubed Steak 2.68 Lb.

32-Oz. Box, Frozen Flanders Beef Patties 3.98

10 To16-Oz, Selected Land O’ Frost Premium Lunch Meats 3.98


16-Oz. Roll Mild Or Hot Gwaltney Pork Sausage 1.78 12-Oz. John Morrell Meat Franks 5 /$ 5

12-Oz. Jennie-O Extra Lean Turkey Bacon 1.98 11-Oz. Beef, 14-Oz. Polish Kielbasa Or Smithfield Smoked Sausage 2 /$ 5 8 To 16-Oz. Selected Oscar Mayer Lunchables 2 /$ 5

12-Oz., Selected Gwaltney Sliced Bacon 2 /$ 5 12-Oz. Jennie-O Turkey Franks 5 /$ 5 7 To 9-Oz. Selected Hillshire Farm Lunch Meat 3.48

11-Oz. Pimento Cheese, Chicken, Tuna, Egg Or Ham Star’s Deli Salads 2.18

2 /$ 5

14 To 16-Oz.,Selected Oscar Mayer Stack Pack Lunchmeats.............

7.5 To 8-Oz. Snack, Chunk Or Flake Louis Kemp Crab Delights 2.38

12-Oz., Frozen 26/30-Ct. Tail On Chicken Of The Sea Cooked Shrimp 6.98

Catch of theWeek



PIZZA tonight! Stop by and pick up di ner tonight... save time & money!

Oven Roasted Or Buffalo Kretschmar Chicken Breast 5.99 Lb. Amish Classic Sandwich Cut Swiss Cheese 4.49 Lb. 7-Oz.,Selected Kerrygold Irish Cheese 5.49

Ham Swiss,Turkey Cheddar Or Market Ranch Chicken Salad Sandwich 3.68 15-Oz.,Selected Lofthouse Iced Sugar Cookies 3.29

49-Oz.,Two Layer German Chocolate Cake 9.99 20-Oz.,Selected Benson’s Créme Cakes 3.99 8-Ct.,Selected Lonestar Danish Rolls 4.49

Deli Fresh Supreme, Sausage & Pepperoni Or 14-Inch Pepperoni Pizza 7.49 Deli Fresh 14-Inch Cheese Pizza 6.49 Bakery Fresh! 6-Ct. Hand Tied Garlic Knot Rolls 2.99


22-Oz.Michelle’s Bakery Assorted Iced Brownies 4.99

8-Pack,Selected Lance Snack Crackers 2 /$ 4 6-Pack Thomas English Muffins 2 /$ 5 Bakery Fresh 4-Count Corn Bread 3.99

12-Oz.Cans,Selected 12-Pack Coke Products 3 /$ 12 Selected 2-Liter Pepsi Products 2 /$ 3 24-Oz. Broughton’s Cottage Cheese 2.79 4g_w_ WIT

20-Oz. Nickles Italian Pan Bread 2 /$ 3 Sliced To Order Kretschmar Beef Bologna 4.79 Lb. Sliced To Order Kretschmar American Cheese 4.19 Lb.

Formerly Witschey’s Pharmacy Same Hours...Same Location


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