May/June Military Medicine

Military Medicine International Journal of AMSUS

NATIONAL ACADEMIES OF SCIENCES, ENGINEERING, AND MEDICINE 1563 A NaƟonal Trauma Care System: IntegraƟng Military and Civilian Trauma Systems to Achieve Zero Preventable Deaths AŌer Injury


1594 Predictors of Help-Seeking IntenƟons in

OperaƟon Enduring Freedom and OperaƟon Iraqi Freedom Veterans and Service Members

1602 Successful ImplementaƟon of Low-Cost Tele-CriƟcal Care SoluƟon by the U.S. Navy: IniƟal Experience and RecommendaƟons 1604 A Mixed-Methods Study of Veterans Affairs Providers’ Experiences CommunicaƟng With PaƟents About the Affordable Care Act 1609 UƟlizaƟon of MRI for Cerebral White MaƩer Injury in a Hypobaric Swine Model—ValidaƟon of Technique 1611 Study of the AssociaƟon Between Serum Vitamin D Levels and Prostate Cancer 1614 MispercepƟons of Weight Status in Military Men and Women


1570 Lantern Slides Reveal the Impact of World War I on St. Elizabeths Hospital


1581 ImplementaƟon of the Neurology Resident Handbook Mobile ApplicaƟon Improves PaƟent Care


1591 Psychological and Physical Health in Military Amputees During RehabilitaƟon: Secondary Analysis of a Randomized Controlled Trial 1592 Evidence of ObjecƟve Memory Impairments in Deployed Gulf War Veterans With SubjecƟve Memory Complaints

1615 Teaching Professional Development to Orthopaedic Residents

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