Foxcroft Academy Admissions Brochure 2022-2023

Why Foxcroft Academy?




A Wo r l d o f Cho i c e s

E s t ab l i s hed i n 1823

An I c on i c Ma i ne Lo c a t i on

. We've provided an excellent education to rebels, pioneers, and trailblazers for 200 years. Our track record is driven by a deep commitment to our mission.

FA students can choose from over 150 courses, including AP and ESL, plus we offer dual- enrollments with several Maine Colleges & Universities.

In the heart of a pristine New England landscape 4 hours from Boston, our setting offers fresh air, friendly faces, and room to spread your wings.




Ta i l o r ed Ac ademi c s

Instead of preparing you for one narrow path, we get you ready for all kinds of options after high school: even ones we haven’t thought of yet. Bui lt for Career & College Readiness

Top No t ch Fa c i l i t i e s

From our modern dorms and athletic facilities to our campus wide WIFI, we are proud to be a place where the state-of-the-art meets Pine Tree State.

From our flexible academic tracks to our wide range of courses and retake policy: our academic approach is tailored to your unique needs.




Ful ly Accredited & Apple Approved

I B P r og r am S choo l

Pe r s ona l i z ed Suppo r t

We proudly offer the globally- recognized International Baccalaureate Program that gives students a chance to build 21st Century skills and a better world.

We're an Apple Distinguished School; accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges; and a member of the College Board.

Our School Counselors meet with you 1-on-1 weekly, and our teachers, coaches, and staff cheer you on every step of the way at Foxcroft Academy.

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