Arlington: Effective Hip & Knee Pain Relief


For Optimal Gut Health…Need Optimal Nutrition. • Eliminate the SAD (Shred 10) • Live Dirty/Eat CLEAN • Real Food—raw, organic • Primarily Plants • Fiber, especially insoluble • Juice Plus trio—complex carbohydrates • Juice Plus complete powder—vegan protein Super Foods: Prevent/Reverse Chronic Disease: • Clean Food, Raw Food, Real Food, Plant Food • Generally Are Alkaline

• Help Reduce the Risk of Developing ALL Chronic Disease • Represent the DASH diet • Promote GUT Health • Reduce chronic dehydration (Aging) by: • Increase Intracellular Water • Provide the difference in Good health and Excellent health = micronutrient excess You are at risk only if you choose to do NOTHING! There is one possible solution. That solution is concentrated, fruit, vegetable, berry powders super foods. This is a mechanism for quantitative research. Juice Plus+® is the most thoroughly researched name brand nutritional product on the market. The easiest way to live dirty and eat clean, is to get the servings you need every day in a convenient and low cost way with JuicePlus.

• Improve Cellular Membrane Integrity • Are THE Source for Structural Water • Contribute to the Goal of Reaching Homeostasis • Lengthen Telomeres (ends of chromosomes that control aging) • Reduce Systemic Inflammation, Free Radical Production, and Oxidative Stress • Are Critical Players in the Emerging Science of: • Nutrigenomics • Epigenetics • Nutrigeviety • Provide Necessary Phytochemicals (Micronutrients) & Antioxidants to: • Optimize the Body’s Renewal System (Replicate and Repair) • Aid in Extending Health Span (Life Span Without Disability) • Help Achieve Optimal Health

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