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Prostate Cancer Support Programs

ZERO offers direct resources for all those impacted by prostate cancer.

“I was alone in my doctor’s office when I first heard the words, ‘You have prostate cancer.’ I felt scared and confused. My life as I knew it was about to change. Contacting ZERO was the best thing I ever did; it changed my life! Each day spent with prostate cancer is a fight. I’m grateful to you for helping make sure a ZERO360 case manager was there to assist me every step of the way.”

ZERO360: Comprehensive Patient Support 1-844-244-1309 (Toll-Free) ZERO360 is a free, comprehensive patient support service that helps patients navigate insurance, find financial aid resources, connect with support services, and secure access to care. ZERO’s experienced case managers are ready to help men and their families through their personal prostate cancer journeys.

Online Support Services A variety of online support services are available to help men affected by prostate cancer and their loved ones to connect with others who are going through, or have gone through, similar situations. ZERO Connect is a Facebook-based support group for participants to share stories, ask questions, and connect. Invite-only Facebook groups also exist for Caregivers and Black Men. The Inspire Online Support Community ( ) connects patients, families, friends, and caregivers to enhance the quality of life for all those affected by prostate cancer. Peer Support MENtor is a peer support network at for anyone who has received a prostate cancer diagnosis or has experienced a recurrence. ZERO’s trained, volunteer MENtors represent many different prostate cancer journeys and have a wealth of insights to share based on their experiences. The ZERO Caregiver Connector Program at matches prostate cancer caregivers with others who have been in similar situations. Both MENtors and Caregiver Connectors provide valuable one-to-one support customized to meet individual needs. ZERO Drive Transportation-related financial assistance is available to prostate cancer patients currently undergoing treatment, receiving follow-up care, or attending ongoing provider appointments due to a prostate cancer diagnosis.* Check the website to see if ZERO Drive is available in your state. More states will be added to the program soon. * While funds are available. Educational Resources ZERO offers a variety of educational resources for prostate cancer awareness, early detection, screening, treatment, and side effects. Literature is available in print and digital format and webinars featuring prostate cancer experts are scheduled regularly. Each year, the ZERO Prostate Cancer Summit brings patients, caregivers, and advocates together to hear the latest information from prostate cancer experts. Us TOO Support Groups Us TOO Support Groups offer in-person and virtual support for those affected by prostate cancer. These groups, led by local Support Group Leaders, meet regularly to provide peer support, resources, and education to empower men to make informed decisions on testing, treatment, and management of side effects. Groups are also available for special interests, including: Veterans, Black Men, Gay Men and their Partners (All LGBTQIA+ welcome), Caregivers, Spanish Language, Deaf Men, and others.



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