Wellbeing Matters 2022

Chaplaincy The main role of the Chaplain is to support the whole College community in our existential journey. Whilst this might sound complex – it really isn’t! The Chaplain invests in the whole community, from the youngest to the oldest, as we seek to engage with our communal and individual questions relating to our meaning and purpose. In our desire to best understand the joy and the sadness of life (and everything in between), we all lean on those things that help us make sense of life’s questions – this is our ‘scaffolding’. For many this might be a religious perspective; for many it is not. But we all ask the questions, have the experiences and seek to live well. In addition to this, the Chaplain helps our community to understand other people’s ‘scaffolding’ for life, thus ensuring that, individually and communally, we grow in our empathy and compassion. Our Chaplain is a Christian Priest in the Anglican tradition – initially ordained within the Anglican Church of Kenya – who has an ecumenical, inclusive outlook. The Chaplain seeks to engage with and be relevant to everyone in our community whether in a group or individual setting. Where the worldview is from the various Christian traditions, the Chaplain will support directly himself. For those of other faith traditions, the Chaplain will actively ensure that support is in place, as there is appetite within the College community. The Chaplain plays an important role in the pastoral care and wellbeing of the College, providing a spiritual and moral framework through Chapel services and assemblies. The Chaplain regularly takes assemblies and advises on spiritual matters, supporting pupils, staff and parents. The Wellbeing Programme provides opportunities for the pupils to reflect on their own faith, to think about their own spiritual development, and to more deeply appreciate the faith of others.

Medical Centre The Medical Centre is based in the centre of the campus and day pupils and boarders enjoy its safe, warm and friendly environment throughout term time. Staff ensure that pupils are treated, supported and listened to without judgement. Members of the Medical Centre also support with the delivery of lessons on sleep, sexual health, and First Aid. programme. We aim to create a circular system so that once our Year 9 mentees reach Year 12, they are well equipped with the knowledge, empathy, and resilience to become mentors themselves and give back to our school community. There are currently around 50 mentors in the Upper School, coaching pupils in the Middle School. The intention is for mentoring to become an entirely peer-led operation. Mentors are allocated a form with whom to build relationships and there is also a self-referral system where mentees can opt in to the process. Mentoring Through our mentoring programme, we aim to build a stronger community by establishing positive peer-to- peer relationships across the college. We provide training for our Year 12 mentors which is designed to improve communication, empathy, and self-esteem so that our pupils are better equipped in supporting their own wellbeing as well as others. Character education is at the forefront of our training ethos, with support from our Head of Wellbeing, School Counsellor, Safeguarding team and external training providers, the Year 12s embark on a comprehensive course which prepares them for the one-to-one support of their designated Year 9 mentee. Each mentor is linked to a Year 9 form group so that every pupil across the year group has access to the mentors training through regular form time visit. Building independence, leadership skills and supporting self-efficiency are all by-products of our mentoring


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