Wellbeing Matters 2022

Creative Wellbeing Creativity can enhance personal and community wellbeing; help pupils to develop resilience and problem solving skills; be a way to meet new people with different perspectives and ideas; and be an encouragement to think about things differently. Creative Wellbeing often pushes us out of our comfort zones.

The College offers pupils many opportunities to explore their creative side — both through and beyond the curriculum. Activities and workshops revolve around both group activity and also the opportunity to explore our individuality through creating in isolation as well. There does not always need to be an outcome – pupils are encouraged to see it as a process and this helps with concentration, peacefulness and reflection whilst also creating challenges. The use of various materials and mediums provide different opportunities for engagement and expression. Many of the crafts are portable so the pupils are encouraged to continue the act of creativity wherever they are. Creative Wellbeing often requires pupils to focus

on a task that involves repetition and concentration. This also increases the ability to raise their spirits wherever they are and adopt a creative outlook to enhance their sense of wellbeing.


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