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The Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport’s Policy Document People, Place and PolicyGrowing Tourism to 2025 makes a number of policy proposals that are relevant:

RPO 53

Tourism It is an objective to: a. Enhance provision of tourism and leisure amenitytocaterforincreasedpopulationinthe Region including recreation, entertainment, cultural, catering, accommodation, transport and water infrastructure inter alia; b. Promote activity tourism subject to appropriate site selection and environmental assessment processes; c. Sustainably develop the road network and public transport services and facilities for improved visitor access, longer dwell times due to improved connectivity to ports and airports and tourism growth; d. Sustainably developwalking and cycling trails opening greater accessibility to the marine and countryside environment by sustainable modes and promote the sustainable designation and delivery of Greenway and Blueway Corridors. e. Facilitate appropriate tourism development and in particular a National Greenways, Blueways and Peatways Strategy, prioritising sustainable projects that achieve maximum impact and connectivity at national and regional level; Identify andmap catchment areas concerning Culture, Heritage and Tourism of regional significance/scale. Such catchments should have the potential to deliver small-scale economic development and using wider local services such as Post Offices and local public transport. g. Support the relevant authorities in the development of specific monitoring protocols for visitor pressure to ensure that tourism activities are maintained within sustainable limits for the European sites in the Region. f.

Targeting high growth potential areas;

• Incorporate Cultural and Sports-based Offerings; • RespectingBrandArchitecture and theEnvironment; • Need to optimise Air and Sea Connections; • Need to facilitate inter-modal transport transfers; • Support for Cross-Border Tourism. Strategy, Tourism Development & Innovation: A Strategy for Investment 2016-22 , recognises that a flourishing tourism industry is vital for Ireland’s economic well-being and continued recovery. Fáilte Ireland’s The promotion of enhanced transport networks including public transport services is essential to attract and enable ease of movement around the Region by tourists and visitors. Improvements are needed at key arrival points such as ferry ports with better public transport connections and to the existing road and rail networks/services to remove bottlenecks and improve connectedness to and between key tourism destinations.

RPO 54

Tourism and the Environment Development of new or enhanced tourism infrastructure and facilities should include an assessment of the environmental sensitivities of the area including an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA); Appropriate Assessment (AA) and Strategic Flood Risk Assessment (SFRA) if required in order to avoid adverse impacts on the receiving environment.Where such tourism infrastructure or facilities are developed, the managing authority/agency should ensure that effective monitoring protocols are put in place to monitor and assess the ongoing effect of tourism on sensitive features with particular focus on natural, archaeological and built heritage assets.

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