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4.7 | Placemaking for enterprise development

This section identifies the main components of placemaking for enterprise development and guiding principles for investment priorities.

Placemaking is our opportunity to create conditions necessary for sustaining jobs and regional competitive advantages, while increasing the attractiveness of the Region as a location to work, live and invest. Quality of life is an essential component of placemaking and this is discussed in further detail in Chapter 7. It is important to consider the features that enterprises look for in a location. A Health Place Audit (HPA) consists of a ‘check-list’ of elements required to attract enterprise. A HPA to ensure better placemaking will be developed with input from the Department of Business, Enterprise & Innovation, IDA Ireland, Enterprise Ireland and other relevant stakeholders to use for an audit of places. This will assist in determining whether a specific place has the features that make it attractive and enterprise development friendly, while identifying problems and informing where intervention is required. This will help establish a stronger evidence base to target future funding efforts. Good Practice Example: Limerick 2030 – An Economic and Spatial Plan Limerick 2030 – An Economic and Spatial Plan has resulted in a significant transformation of Limerick City through economic, social and physical investment. This has been accelerated by the establishment of the Limerick Twenty Thirty Strategic Development DAC (Designated Activity Company) to deliver a city and countywide programme of investment. It is the biggest single Irish commercial property development programme undertaken outside of Dublin. Over €1 billion is being invested in enterprise and investment infrastructure. Innovate Limerick acts as the delivery mechanism for strategic Limerick 2030 projects. One of its core objectives is to work with stakeholders to develop Limerick’s business ecosystem and position Limerick City and County as one of the most attractive locations to start and grow a business. Innovate Limerick has attracted Troy International Film Studios to Limerick City and it has developed the Innovation Hub and ENGINE, which provides office solutions for start-up and accelerating businesses. Limerick 2030 provides an excellent platform to promote even more active urban development and land management actions that focus on the development of under-utilised, brownfield, vacant and public lands.

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Health Place Audit (HPA) for Placemaking It is an objective to promote the use of Health Place Audits (HPA) for placemaking and develop projects that ensure the creation of attractive, enterprise development friendly, liveable, well- designed, high quality places that are home to a diverse enterprise base mix and integrated communities that enjoy a high quality of life and wellbeing.

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