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Entrepreneurship – A pipeline for growth Entrepreneurship translates into new business formation, wealth, and jobs. Entrepreneurship and new and sustainable business start-ups thrive within a dynamic community of like-minded and supportive people. It is important that an enterprise-friendly ecosystem is facilitated, including skills-matching, collaborations between government, industry, higher education and communities. In line with the national policy vision to be the best country in which to succeed in business, our ambition is to create a business environment that facilitates and supports business through all phases of its lifecycle. The focus is on establishing a dynamic environment where like-minded people can collaborate, network, co- work and have ready access to experienced mentors. We need to raise the Region’s profile internationally - and Ireland as a whole - as a vibrant focus for entrepreneurship and talent. stimulate entrepreneurship will require continuous assessment to take the necessary actions in a timely manner to redress barriers. Establishing an environment to

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Monitoring and evaluating our economic eco-system performance a. It is an objective to map, monitor and evaluate our economic ecosystem of entrepreneurship and innovation; b. It is an objective to monitor and benchmark theRegionagainst other relevant jurisdictions nationally and overseas. Enterprise development and innovation assets – Enterprise supporting ecosystem Led by DBEI and its enterprise development agencies, such as IDA Ireland and Enterprise Ireland, the enterprise- supporting ecosystem comprises Business Innovation Centres, Incubators, Community Enterprise Centres, accelerator development scheme, Local Enterprise Offices (LEO), research and innovation infrastructure within higher education institutes, technology gateways, technology centres, research centres, and IDA Ireland Business and Technology Parks.

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Facilitate new business formation, growth and industrial re-organisation a. It is an objective to remove business start- up obstacles as appropriate, to seek ways in which risks can be minimised, to redress any (mis-) perceptions of failure within the entrepreneurial community and to promote entrepreneurship as a valid career option within the Region; b. It is an objective to facilitate the transition of talent from declining industries to more competitive sectors through the use of Labour Activation Programmes and market re-activation emergency funds.

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Enterprise and Innovation Support

It is an objective to maintain and leverage existing enterprise ecosystems to support enterprise development.

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Attracting overseas Entrepreneurs and maintaining Irish Entrepreneurs It is an objective to continue attracting overseas entrepreneurs to Ireland and supporting existing Irish entrepreneurship.

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