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4.8 | Capacity Building: Bidding Capacity, Shared Evidence Base, Future Proof and Anticipating Economic Structural Changes

International good practice, flexibility and adaptability Continued research and sharing good practice will be essential in the implementation of the RSES. Our Region must be open to continual learning, innovation and adaptation. Procurement is a crucial pillar of service delivery and a strategic tool for achieving key policy objectives across all sectors of the RSES. The development and promotion of best practice is highly desirable to achieving budget accountability, spending efficiency, buying green and promoting strategic use of public procurement in development of SMEs, and by facilitating SMEs access to a wider range of public contracts. 10 Bidding capacity With the introductionof competitive bids as part of Project Ireland 2040 and similar frameworks to access funds from sources such as EU programmes, there is a need to ensure that all local authorities and local stakeholders have sufficient capacity to identify funding sources and to prepare professional and robust applications. Common & shared evidence base A common and shared evidence base will inform the forthcoming reviews of development plans, LAPs and LECPs. There is a need at a local level for monitoring the governance patterns of Global Production Networks and/or Global Value Chains that may affect sectoral competitiveness and sustainable prospects in the locality. There also is the need to strengthen the monitoring and mapping of the regional eco-system of innovation and entrepreneurship. There is emerging research and technology that enables this development, V-LINC from the Cork Institute of Technology is an example.

RPO 69

International Good Practice a. It is an objective to undertake on-going research and reports of international good practice and innovations in addressing themes outlined across the RSES Objectives. b. It is an objective to adopt a flexible and adaptable policy approach to allow for the integration on good practice, innovation and knowledge internationally from regions sharing similar challenges.

RPO 70

Bidding capacity It is an objective to develop and strengthen the bidding capacity of local authorities, government agencies and regional stakeholders i.e. their capacity to identify infrastructure deficits and opportunities, to prepare strong business cases, to identify funding sources, to bid, and successfully attract competitive funding.

RPO 71

Shared Evidence Base It is an objective to build a common, up-to-date, dynamic and shared evidence base andmonitoring framework at regional and local level with information on assets, economic base, settlement functions, and economic performance.

10. Note that all public organisations (and private entities which are subsidised 50% or more by a public body) are subject to procurement procedures set out in the National Public Procurement Policy Framework

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