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RPO 99

RPO 103

Renewable Wind Energy It is an objective to support the sustainable development of renewable wind energy (on shore and off shore) at appropriate locations and related grid infrastructure in the Region in compliance with national Wind Energy Guidelines.

Interconnection Infrastructure It is an objective to support the sustainable development of interconnection infrastructure, in particular the potential for the sustainable development of an international connection between Ireland and France in the Region.

RPO 100

RPO 104

Indigenous Renewable Energy Production and Grid Injection It is an objective to support the integration of indigenous renewable energy production and grid injection.

Energy Storage and Carbon Capture

It is an objective to support investment in initiatives to develop innovation, advances in technology and pilot projects for the sustainable development of energy storage and carbon capture within the Region and to work with key stakeholders in developing sustainable forestry, including initiatives for native tree planting and better management of peatland and soil management to support carbon sequestration and enhancement of biodiversity.

RPO 101

International Hub for Energy Innovation

Micro Generation

It is an objective to support continued innovation and research in the energy sector and to develop a role as an international hub for energy innovation.

Building energy efficiency will require new measures such as the development of micro-generation, particularly where local communities and domestic customers produce their own electricity with the added option of exporting the surplus onto the electricity network.

RPO 102

Examples of micro-generation technology include, wind- power, photovoltaics, and combined heat-and-power.

Energy Research Funding It is an objective to support initiatives for energy research funding within our Region to accelerate diversification away from fossil fuels to green energy, including the potential of wind, wave, solar, biomass, biofuels, biogas and hydrogen in the Region.

District Heating

The RSES supports the potential for development of district heating as a significant opportunity to provide cost effective heating to benefit local communities and enterprise. District heating consists of an insulated pipe network, which allows heat generated from a centralised source which is delivered to multiple buildings to provide heating and hot water. District heating networks benefit from economies of scale, the reduced coincidence of heat demand between different customers leading to lower capacity requirements and with multiple building level units, increased efficiency. A fewer number of larger heat

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