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Circular Economy/Waste

The linear model where we consume resources and generate high waste volumes to be sent to landfill is unsustainable. Policy is now focussed on building a circular economy which recognises that all resources are scarce and aims to maintain the value traditional

RPO 107

Regional Waste Management Plan for the Southern Region 2015-2021 It is an objective to support innovative initiatives that develop the circular economy through implementation of the Regional Waste Management Plan for the Southern Region 2015-2021 and its successor.

of all products, materials and resources through reuse, renewal and repair, so that products are reused continually, to minimise the generation of waste. The Circular Economy and Ireland’sWaste Management policy is part of the waste hierarchy established by the EU’s Waste Framework Directive, which sets out to prioritise waste prevention, followed by re-use, recycling, and recovery (where combustible waste through incineration is a waste resource for energy extraction) and finally disposal into landfill. This policy is further developed in A Resource Opportunity - Waste Management Policy in Ireland which sets out national policy for Ireland to become a recycling society, with a clear focus on resource efficiency and the virtual elimination of landfilling of municipal waste. For example, the introduction of household food waste regulations and the rollout of “brown bins” to assist in the diversion of food waste towards more productive uses, such as the production of compost and the generation of electricity through anaerobic digestion. European and national policy is implemented at regional level through the Regional Waste Management Plan for the Southern Region 2015-2021. The Regional Assembly will seek the implementation of this plan, and its successor, along with local authority plans and programmes to develop the circular economy. The Regional Assembly supports the use of smart technologies and innovative approaches to waste management, which promote waste prevention and increased reuse, recycling and recovery of waste, with additional environmental and economic benefits. Linking with research, such as the Smart Waste Project through Interreg Europe , will enable the Region to learn from and implement new measures and practices to develop the circular economy at regional level.

RPO 108

EU Action Plan for the Circular Economy

It is an objective to support the work of local authorities, the Regional Waste Management Office and all state bodies in the Region to implement the EU Action Plan for the Circular Economy-Closing the Loop to ensure sustainable patterns of consumption and production in the areas of: • Product Design • Production processes • Consumption • Waste management • From waste to resources: boosting the market for secondary raw materials and water reuse in line with the EU Raw Material Initiative

RPO 109

Bio-Energy Implementation Plan a. It is an objective to support the preparation of a Bio-energy Implementation Plan for the Southern Region in conjunction with the Local Authorities and the Regional Waste Management office; b. Proposals for Bio-energy development and infrastructure will need to be subject to robust site and/or route selection that includes consideration of likely significant effects on European Sites and subject to the outcome of the required appraisal, planning and environmental assessment processes

Biomass The RSES will promote the efficient use of bio-based waste resources as part of a broader strategy to develop a Bioenergy Implementation Plan for the Region.

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