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Water Resource and Flooding National PolicyObjective (NPO) 57 seeks to enhance water quality and resource management by: • Ensuring flood risk management informs placemaking by avoiding inappropriate development in areas at risk of flooding in accordance with The Planning System and Flood Risk Management Guidelines for Planning Authorities ; • Ensuring that River Basin Management Plan objectives are fully considered throughout the planning process; • Integrating sustainable water management solutions, such as Sustainable Urban Drainage systems (SuDs), non-porous surfacing and green roofs, to create nature-based solutions. The OPW is responsible for coordinating and leading the implementation of the EU Floods Directive and for the preparation of predictive flood mapping and catchment- based flood risk management plans. These plans are a 10 year, €1 billion programme of investment in flood relief measures and the OPW publication Implementing the National Flood Risk Policy will assist the sustainable growth of our Region. The national Catchment Flood Risk Assessment and Management (CFRAM) Programme is central to the reduction and management of flood risk in Ireland. The RSES is informed by a Regional Flood Risk Appraisal (RFRA). If not carefullymanaged, a concentration of development, including regeneration and infill in areas already prone to or at risk of becoming prone to flooding, could lead to flood risk. This is due to climate change (including sea level rise) and increasing potential damages within the flood prone areas. There is therefore a need for such risks to be minimised through the local authority level planning processes.

RPO 111

Water Resources It is an objective to ensure the efficient and sustainable use and development of water resources and water services infrastructure to manage and conserve water resources in a manner that supports a healthy society, economic development requirements and a cleaner environment.

RPO 112

Water Quality It is an objective to support commitments to achieve and maintain “At Least Good” status, except where more stringent obligations are required, and no deterioration of status for all water bodies under the Marine Strategy Framework Directive and its programme of measures, the Water Framework Directive and the River Basin Management Plan. Key challenges include, inter alia, the need to address significant deficits in urban waste-water treatment and water supply, addressing flooding and increased flood risks from extreme weather events and increased intense rainfall because of climate change.

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