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RPO 118

Flood Risk Management Plans Development and Local Area Plans in the Region should take account of and incorporate the recommendations of the FloodRiskManagement Plans, including planned investment measures for managing and reducing flood risk. Natural Water Retention Measures should be incorporated where appropriate in consultation with the OPW and other relevant stakeholders.

Flood Risk Management and Capital Works It is an objective to supports investment in the sustainable development of capital works under the flood capital investment programme and Flood Risk Management Plans developed under the CFRAM process.

RPO 119

RPO 116

Flood Relief Schemes It is an objective to: a. Support investment in the sustainable development of Strategic Investment Priorities under the National Development Plan 2018-27 and to ensure that flood risk assessment for all strategic infrastructure developments is future-proofed to consider potential impacts of climate change; b. Support investment in subsequent projects by capital spending agencies to deliver flood relief schemes under the National Strategic Outcome, Transition to a Low Carbon and Climate Resilient Society. Such projects should be future proofed for adaptation to consider potential impacts of climate change. c. Ensure that all infrastructure and energy providers/operators provide for adaptation measures to protect strategic infrastructure (including roads, railways, ports and energy infrastructure) from increased flood risk associated with climate change.

Planning System and Flood Risk Management

Consideration must be given to future appropriate land-use policies in accordance with the requirements of the Guidelines, “The Planning System and Flood Risk Management 2009” . Strategic and local flood risk assessments and plans should be prepared where appropriate, which should include consideration of potential impacts of flood risk arising from climate change. It is an objective to avoid inappropriate development in areas at risk of flooding and integrate sustainable water management solutions (such as SUDS, non-porous surfacing and green roofs) to create safe places in accordance with the Guidelines.

RPO 117

Flood Risk Management and Biodiversity

RPO 120

It is an objective to avail of opportunities to enhance biodiversity and amenity and to ensure the protection of environmentally sensitive sites and habitats, including where flood risk management measures are planned. Plans and projects that have the potential to negatively impact on Natura 2000 sites are subject to the requirements of the Habitats Directive.

Flooding and Coastal Erosion It is an objective to support measures (including Integrated Coastal Zone Management) for the management and protection of coastal resources and communities against coastal erosion, flooding and other threats. Statutory land use plans shall take account of the risk of coastal erosion.

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