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Good Practice Example: The Burren Programme The Burren Programme is a locally-led measure under Ireland’s Rural Development Programme 2014-20 and builds on the success and experience of the Burren Life Project (2005-10) and the Burren Farming for Conservation Programme (2010-15). It is an agri-environmental measure focussed specifically at the conservation of the unique farming landscape of the Burren in counties Clare and Galway. It aims to promote a particular farming model that couples traditional farming practices with scientific assessment of environmental health. The Burren Programme places farmers at the very centre of the conservation agenda and rewards them for their environmental performance. There are two main support mechanisms in the Burren Programme, one for the management of species-rich grasslands, and the other for any related capital works on the farm. The actions supported vary from farm to farm and from year to year, allowing the farmer the flexibility to tailor these actions to the needs of his/her farm at that point in time. This funding has contributed to a number of spin-offs such as increased work for local contractors, more custom for local shops and manufacturers (e.g. Burren gates), and new farm-based tourism enterprises.

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