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All-Ireland Pollinator Plan 2015 – 2020

Landscape It is an objective to develop a Regional Landscape Strategy to facilitate landscape protection, management and change through undertaking a Regional Landscape Assessment and Landscape Character Map and development of guidance on local landscape character assessments, (including urban and historic landscape characterisation) to ensure a consistent approach to landscape character assessment, particularly across planning and administrative boundaries. The Regional Landscape Character Assessment should also address the characterisation of our seascapes and coastal areas. The implementation mechanisms and monitoring structures to be established following the adoption of the RSESwill identify the scope and role of the Regional Landscape Strategy for the Region and the timescale for its preparation.

It is an objective to support the implementation of the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan 2015-20 and future iterations. Local authorities should incorporate the actions of this Plan when managing their parks, open spaces, roadside verges and all vegetation in a way that provides more opportunities for biodiversity, while being cognisant of the threat of the spread of invasive species.

Landscape The Southern Region includes the Ireland’s highest mountain ranges, extensive coastal areas and islands, urban landscapes, river valleys, estuaries and the unique limestone area of the Burren. Landscape character areas and protected sites, such as NHAs, SACs and SPAs, frequently overlap administrative boundaries and it is important that there is a consistent approach to their management and protection. This particularly is true of more extensive landscapes and habitats such as uplands, estuaries and our coastal zone, where ground water resources and river basins are managed by several adjoining local authorities. It is also important that public access initiatives and plans consider historical setting and landscape character and potential for the negative effects related to pressure of visitor numbers. The National Landscape Strategy for Ireland 2015-25 sets out a high-level policy framework to achieve balance between the protection, management and planning of the landscape and ensure compliance with the European Landscape Convention, which came into force in 2004. The Strategy’s vision is reflected in the NPF and National Policy Objective (NPO) 61. Seascape assessment should be addressed in both the proposed Regional Landscape Strategy and in the proposed Marine Spatial Plan for the Region, which should contain a robust policy framework for Seascapes and Coastal Areas so that future maritime developments address issues including visual impact, built heritage and cultural significance.

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