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Light Pollution

Light pollution refers to excessive and inappropriate artificial light.

There are four components of light pollution:

• Glare: excessive brightness that causes visual discomfort; • Skyglow: brightening of the night sky over inhabited areas; • Light trespass: light falling where it is not intended or needed; • Clutter: bright, confusing and excessive groupings of light sources. The International Dark-Sky Association works to protect the night skies for present and future generations. ‘Dark Sky’ parks and reserves are focused on areas “possessing an exceptional or distinguished quality of starry nights and a nocturnal environment that is specifically protected for its scientific, natural, educational, cultural heritage, and/or public enjoyment”. The Kerry International Dark-Sky Reserve is the only internationally recognised Dark Sky area in the Region. The NPF and RSES recognise the potential of this concept as a significant tourism attraction. This is particularly true of mountainous and peatland areas where there is little or no light pollution, serviced by adjoining rural communities. This RSES encourages measures to support the establishment of other ‘Dark Sky’ parks and reserves.

RPO 132

‘Dark Sky’ Parks and Reserves It is an objective to encourage measures to support the Kerry International Dark-Sky Reserve and the establishment of other ‘Dark Sky’ parks and reserves in the Region, where appropriate.

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