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Section 1 sets out the objectives for Digital Connectivity, Infrastructure and Smart Cities and Region, while Section 2 sets out the objectives for a Regional Transport Strategy and for High Quality International Connectivity: Our Ports and Airports. Section 1 - Digital Connectivity, Infrastructure and Smart Cities and Region 6.2 | Digital Connectivity

innovative solutions in the pursuit of prosperity, environmental protection and reduce locational disadvantage. To optimise the opportunities from smart technology, access to high-speed, high capacity digital and communications infrastructure is required across the Region. This is fundamental to ensure parity for all locations in our Region.

Enhanced quality and provision of digital and mobile telecommunications infrastructure is critical for the revitalisation of cities, towns, villages and rural areas. Developments in information and communications technology (ICT) continues to fundamentally change how our society and economy functions.

The relational proximity of all locations will improve with advances in technology. Regions need to embrace

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