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6.2.2 | International Digital Transmission Infrastructure Our place in the global digital arena is supported by high capacity international connections with the US, the UK and Europe through projects, such as the Hibernia Express subsea cable line at the Cork Internet Exchange and the Ireland-France subsea cable. This will provide the potential for direct high-speed Transatlantic internet connectivity.

RPO 134

Smart Cities and Smart Region It is an objective to: a. Build on Smart Cities and Smart Region initiatives in Cork, Limerick and Waterford, such as the All Ireland Smart Cities Forum, and seek to extend such initiatives to towns, villages and rural areas to support a Smart Region; b. Seek investment in broadband, fibre technologies, wireless networks (including an Internet of Things Network across the Region) and integrated digital infrastructures to enable actions that sustainably deliver on smart technologies to increase the innovative, sustainable and competitive placemaking dividend for the Southern Region; Support a leadership role for the Southern Region as an innovator in smart technologies and smart mobility; d. Seek and support investment for initiatives in smart technology as an enabler for education and life-long learning in all locations. c.

6.2.3 | National Broadband Plan

Aligned with the Digital Agenda for Europe, the National Broadband Plan (NBP) aims to deliver high-speed broadband services to all businesses and households in Ireland. TheNBP is funded by the Government and part co-funded through the European Regional Development Fund under the Southern and Eastern Regional Operational Programme 2014-20 which is managed by the Southern Regional Assembly. The targets of the NBP include: • 70Mbps - 100Mbps available to at least 50% of the populationwith amajority having access to 100Mbps; • At least 40Mbps, and in many cases much faster speeds, to at least a further 20% of the population and potentially as much as 35% around smaller towns and villages; • A minimum of 30Mbps available to all, no matter how rural and remote. The NBP involves a combination of commercial investment by the telecommunications sector and State intervention to provide high-speed broadband to the unserved parts of the country where the market has failed due to factors such as low population density. The High-Speed Broadband Map 2020 shows the gaps in high-speed broadband services requiring NBP intervention and where it will be provided commercially over the life of the Plan.

RPO 135

High Quality High Capacity International Digital

Transmission It is an objective to: a. Optimise the economic opportunities for all locations in the Southern Region from achieving high quality high capacity international digital transmission connections between the Region, the US, the UK and Europe through support for improved regional digital and internet exchange facilities (subject to required feasibility, planning and environmental assessment processes) in each of the Region’s cities and metropolitan areas and optimise the infrastructure asset of the projects such as projects such as the Hibernia Express subsea cable line located at Cork Internet Exchange and the Ireland- France subsea cable; b. Seek investment and continual strengthening of Metropolitan Area Networks; c. Support and seek investment in the sustainable delivery of digital infrastructure ducting and dark fibre infrastructure.

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