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6.2.4 | Mobile and Broadband Taskforce The Mobile Phone and Broadband Taskforce aims to: • Identify solutions to broadband and mobile phone coverage deficits; • Investigate how better services could be provided to consumers prior to full build and rollout of the network planned under the NBP.

RPO 137

Mobile Infrastructure It is an objective to strengthen the continued delivery of high-speed, high-capacity digital and mobile infrastructure investment in our Region and strengthen cross regional integration of digital infrastructures and sharing of networks.

RPO 138

RPO 136

Digital Strategies It is an objective to promote the preparation and support the implementation of digital strategies by each local authority, seek investment for actions identified, and support the role and initiatives of the Mobile and Broadband Taskforce in addressing digital and mobile coverage blackspots and rural communications connectivity.

National Broadband Plan (NBP) It is an objective to seek to expedite the implementation of the National Broadband Plan and the implementation of mitigation measures outlined in the SEA and AA for the NBP to all locations in the Region and seek reporting procedures to the Southern Regional Assembly on progress and targets being achieved from the relevant State Departments and agencies through effective implementation mechanisms for the RSES.

Case Study: Cork Smart Gateway

The Cork Smart Gateway is an initiative of Cork County Council, Cork City Council, Nimbus Research Centre and Tyndall National Institute where the vision is to enhance the reputation of Cork as an attractive Region for people to live, work, visit and invest. The initiative aims to engage with citizens, to identify the evolving challenges and opportunities that impact on their quality of life, identify suitable and achievable smart projects through a collaborative multi-stakeholder approach, encourage an open and innovate business ecosystem that

pilot new technologies and to promote Cork as a smart destination internationally. Strategic goals centre on citizen engagement, assisted living, mobility, open data, energy & resource efficiency, e-governance, food and agriculture, economic development, and communication. The Cork Smart Gateway is part of an All-Ireland Smart Cities Forum which includes Cork, Dublin, Limerick, Waterford, Galway, Belfast and Derry.

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