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Economic Activity With employment nearly back to the levels seen before the economic crisis, the Region’s enterprise base is currently well-diversified. In 2016 there were 78,000 4 active enterprises in the Region, both indigenous and foreign-owned companies operating across a wide range of sectors including – agri food, ICT, and Pharma. The headquarters of a wide range of multinational companies are located in the Region, particularly around the main cities. Enterprises supported by Enterprise Ireland and the IDA employ over 138,000 people, contributing nearly 20% to total employment in the Region. There is evidence of strong growth within business and financial services, and a decline in ‘traditional manufacturing’. The Region’s Universities, Institutes of Technologies, Colleges and research centres are an instrumental asset in supporting our innovation potential. In overall terms the Region has a strong basis for future economic development. Environment and Environmental Appraisal The Region has a wealth of environmental assets from Ireland’s highest mountains, dramatic coastlines, and remote rural areas to fertile agricultural landscapes. Our rich urban environment includes a strong and historic network of cities, towns and villages. These have associated flora, fauna, biodiversity and cultural heritage assets, many of which are protected through European and National legislation, including Special Areas of Conservation, Special Protection Areas, Natural Heritage Areas and Proposed Natural Heritage Areas. TheRSES includes environmental assessment documents, on Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA), an Appropriate Assessment (AA) and also a Strategic Flood Risk Appraisal (SFRA). Feasibility studies will be carried out to support decision making in relation to RSES objectives, including robust site/route selection processes to consider potential effects on the environment and Natura 2000 Network. The RSES is the regional tier within the planning framework, guided at the national level by the NPF, it will be supported by further robust local level planning through CCDP and LECPs. These in turn will be subject to appropriate statutory SEA and AA processes. At the project level, all applications for development consents for projects emanating from any policies that may give rise to likely significant effects on the environment will need to be accompanied by one or more of the following, as relevant:


Environmental Assessment a. Any reference to support for all plans, projects, activities and development in the RSES should be considered to refer to ‘environmentally sustainable development’ that has no adverse effects on the integrity of European sites and no net loss of biodiversity, that shall be subject to appropriate feasibility studies, best practice site/route selection (to consider environmental constraints such as landscape, cultural heritage, the protection of water quality, flood risks and biodiversity as a minimum), environmental assessment including EcIA to support development management and where required, the completion of statutory SEA, EIA and AA processes as appropriate b. The RSES seeks to protect, manage, and through enhanced ecological connectivity, improve the coherence of the Natura 2000 Network in the Southern Region. plans/ programmes (and initiatives arising) is on the basis of appropriate SEA, SFRA, EIA and AA processes being undertaken in order to ensure the avoidance of adverse effects on European Sites and ensure implementation of mitigation measures where required. d. Development Plans shall include an c. RSES support for other objective for the protection of European sites and Natural Heritage Areas (designated and notified proposed NHAs).

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Ecological Impact Assessment Report (EcIA);

Environmental Report;

• Environmental Impact Assessment Report - if necessary, under the relevant legislation; • Natura Impact Statement - if necessary, under the relevant legislation.

4. CSO Business Demography by Activity, County, Year and Statistic

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