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High Quality International Connectivity – Airports

Airport Strategy for the Southern Region

It is an objective to achieve NSO: High Quality International Connectivity, the following airport development actions for the Region are identified subject to required appraisal, planning and environmental assessment processes: a. Continued sustainable development and improvement of enterprise assets, access infrastructure, airport infrastructure and services at Cork Airport and Shannon International Airport by the relevant responsible commercial State-Owned Enterprises as key economic drivers, national tourism and national business gateways consistent with sectoral priorities defined through National Aviation Policy; improved international connectivity through the role of our Region’s airport assets, support for the sustainable development of infrastructures taking into consideration Airport Public Safety Zones and the findings of the ERM Report “Public Safety Zones, 2005” along with general Airport Safeguarding and in particular the Obstacles to aircraft in flight Order, 2005 (S.I.No. 215/2005) and EASA Regulation (EU) No 139/2014. c. Support for continued exchequer assistance b. Continued support for for regional airports under the Regional Airports Programme, support the role of Waterford Airport and Kerry Airport and develop their potential as key tourism and business gateways for their Regions as a complement to the services provided by the region’s national airport gateways of Cork Airport and Shannon International Airport. d. Support strategic route development for airports outside of Dublin and support extension of Regional Airports Programme to all airports under 3 million passengers as permissible under EU guidelines. e. Seek strengthened sustainable multi-modal inter-regional and intra-regional transport access to/from airports. f. Support sustainable innovative policies to boost the economic role of regional airports including through marketing partnerships with airlines, hotels, attractions and other hospitality and tourism sector stakeholders

It is an objective to support the development of an Airport Strategy for the Southern Region to be prepared by the relevant stakeholders through consultation with the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sports, Local Authorities, Airport Authorities, TII, NTA and other relevant stakeholders in the Southern Region. The implementation mechanisms and monitoring structures to be established following the adoption of the RSES will identify the scope and role of the Airport Strategy for the Southern Region and the timescale for its preparation. The requirements for a Strategic Environmental Assessment and Appropriate Assessment shall be considered, as appropriate, in relation to an Airport Strategy for the Southern Region.

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