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6.3.6 | Transport Investment Priorities Major transport infrastructure investments identified in the NDP have an important role in enabling the sustainable and balanced development over the period of the RSES. Proposals for infrastructure investment should clearly demonstrate consistency with spatial planning objectives, at regional and national level. The management, maintenance and improvement of existing transport infrastructure is a key consideration, to ensure that the safety, capacity and efficiency of networks is maintained and factored into the capital funding process. The RSES’ Transport Investment priorities are presented below, under the following headings: • Over-arching Objectives to Promote Sustainable Mobility; • Regional Cities – Cork, Limerick, Waterford; • Road Network; • Rail; • Bus; • Rural Transport; • Walking and Cycling; • International Connectivity (see Section 6.3.4 above). | Sustainable Mobility

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Smart and Sustainable Mobility It is an objective to deliver on NSO: Sustainable Mobility subject to the required appraisal, planning and environmental assessment processes. This includes the following sustainable mobility investment actions: • Seek investment in initiatives that leverage intelligent transport systems and smart transport services, which would include real time information for all transport systems;

Recognise the importance of public transport networks and multi-modal interchange; Support Steady State Investment to maintain and upgrade the existing road, rail and bus networks to provide a quality service to transport users; Support initiatives under the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport to reduce congestion in our Region’s cities primarily by enhancing sustainable travel options through Smarter Travel projects that include traffic management, bus priority, urban cycling and urban walking routes;

• •

Continued investment in bus and rail fleets;

Reduction in the use of fossil fuels for public transport and increasing use of technology and green energy sources to pursue low emission public transport fleets; Delivery of the strategic bus network programmes for Cork, Limerick-Shannon and Waterford metropolitan areas (initiatives identified as Bus Connects in the NDP) including associated customer services and facilities; Investments to facilitate park-and-ride and multi-modal travel; Delivery of sustainable comprehensive cycling and walking networks with an emphasis on Cork, Limerick-Shannon and Waterford metropolitan areas; Support and investigate the feasibility of sustainable water transportation services for Cork Harbour, Shannon Estuary and Waterford Harbour.

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