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Smart Mobility It is an objective to support the transformative potential of E- Mobility, autonomous vehicles, Mobility as a Service transport solutions and other emerging innovations in the transport and mobility sector through transport planning at regional, metropolitan and local level. Seek investment in actions and initiatives that position the Region as a leader in the digital transformation of transportation, E-Mobility and sustainable mobility.

Sustainable Mobility Targets It is an objective that: a. Through effective integration of land-use and transport planning, implementation of RPOs in the RSES and MASPs and actions driven through Development Plan, Local Area Plan, Metropolitan Area Transport Strategies and Local Transport Plans, significant progress is sought for the Southern Region to reduce the modal share of private car travel and increase the modal share of travel by walking, cycling, public transport and car sharing; b. Support the function of Metropolitan Area Transport Strategies and Local Transport Plans to achieve higher rates of modal shift to sustainable transport; c. National Smarter Travel Targets are supportedwhich seek to achieve a reduction of work-related commuting by private car to 45% of modal share by 2020 and commuting by walking, cycling, public transport and car sharing to 55% of modal share by 2020. Such targets are nationwide average targets and higher achievement under lower tiered plans such as for metropolitan areas are supported; d. Targets identified across Development Plans, Local Area Plans, Metropolitan Area Transport Strategies and Local Transport Plans shall be informed by an evidence base of existing performance and will include the identification of actions to help achieve higher performance in modal shift to sustainable mobility. Targets will be reviewed and strengthened for a higher performance continually through effective implementation and monitoring; e. Local Authorities to set complementary sustainable mobility targets in development plan reviews; f. Greater emphasis should be placed on encouraging mixed use developments on regeneration sites within the city and suburbs through supportive development plan policies to encourage sustainable mobility trip patterns.

RPO 162

Multi-Modal Travel Integration It is an objective to deliver on sustainable mobility. Investment is sought in infrastructure to provide for integration between all modes of transport to support the use of sustainable travel choices. Further details will be developed and progressed through Metropolitan Area Transport Plans, Local Transport Plans, in City/ County Development Plans, Local Area Plans and SDZ’s. Options to consider include: • Bike and Ride facilities; • Park and Cycle facilities; • Park and Car Pool facilities; • Public bicycle sharing facilities; • Car sharing (GoCar type); • Integration of cycling and public transport; • Carriage of bicycles on trains and (selected) buses; • Integrated ticketing to include bike and car sharing; • Integrated ticketing/cards across bike sharing, bus use, train use and car sharing;

Investigate the feasibility of Mobility Hubs for major developments or multi- developments sharing the facility;

The feasibility of e-scooter schemes.

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