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RPO 165

Higher Densities Local Authorities,

through appropriate Development Plan policies shall ensure the consolidation of development at higher densities within existing urban centres and provision of permeability (improved for existing areas and included in any new development),with a focus on locations where it can be demonstrated that such development supports the use of walking, cycling and public transport.

Metropolitan area transport strategies are being prepared for the Cork, Limerick- Shannon and Waterford metropolitan areas. They aim to inform the integration of land use and transport planning and investment in transport infrastructure and services over the short (5yrs), medium (10yrs) and longer terms (20yrs). These strategies will complement and support the achievement of MASP objectives and will be subject a five-yearly review. High-level transport investment priorities for the Region’s three metropolitan areas are set out below, to be taken into consideration in the preparation of the metropolitan area transport strategies.

RPO 164

Metropolitan Area Transport Strategies

It is an objective to develop Metropolitan Area Transport Strategies for Cork, Limerick- Shannon and Waterford by the NTA, TII, Local Authorities and relevant stakeholders integrating priorities for the metropolitan areas identified in the RSES Regional Transport Strategy and support investment in actions under these strategies subject to required appraisal, planning and environmental assessment processes for the sustainable development of transport infrastructure and services in the metropolitan areas over a 20- year period. Metropolitan Area Transport Strategies shall undergo SEA and AA as per NPF objective NPO75.

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