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access gateways, including Shannon International Airport and Shannon-Foynes Port, through: to international

Transport investment by the Government Departments, NTA and other agencies, will be identified and prioritised through the Limerick- Shannon Metropolitan Area Transport Strategy (LSMATS). The following transport investment objectives have been identified for consideration in the preparation of the transport strategy subject to required appraisal, planning and environmental assessment processes: (A) The preparation of the Limerick- Shannon Metropolitan Transport Strategy and associated implementation plan (B) The development of an enhanced citywide public transport system with enhanced accessibility from the City Centre to theNational Technological Park, Raheen Industrial Park, UL and Shannon International Airport (C) The improvement of accessibility to the City Centre through effective traffic management, reduced congestion and the improvement of modal choice. Development of a strategic metropolitan- wide cycle network with several high capacity flagship routes catering for a range of journey purposes (D) The maintenance and enhancement of thenational roads network, catering for transport demand within the Limerick- Shannon Metropolitan Area, for improved inter-urban/ inter-regional connectivity/ reduced journey times and for improved

• Delivery of the Government’s current and proposed national road network improvement schemes relating to the Limerick-Shannon Metropolitan Area and associated inter-urban connecting roads; • The maintenance and optimisation of the strategic road network’s capacity and utility, through the implementation of appropriate demand management measures; • Support for intra-regional connectivity with the metropolitan area, enhanced regional connectivity through improved average journey times by road to Cork and Waterford via the proposed M20 Limerick to Cork and the possible enhancement of the N24 between Limerick and Waterford; • To support inter-regional connectivity with the metropolitan area, enhanced road connectivity to Shannon- Foynes Port, including local by-passes via Foynes to Limerick (including Adare bypass) National Road Scheme. Maintenance of transport connectivity to Shannon International Airport; • Any planned works to the strategic road network will also consider the potential for improvement to sustainable transport.


The Metropolitan Area local

authorities the requirement for the enhancement of regional and local roads network for improved connectivity within the Metropolitan Area through the following projects subject to required appraisal, planning and environmental assessment processes: have identified • Limerick Northern Distributor Route (LNDR) regional road project; • Improved accessibility to Limerick Southside including the possible provision of a motorway interchange connection from the M20/M7 to Limerick Southside, subject to robust appraisal, planning and environmental assessment processes;

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