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RPO 166

Investment in Strategic Inter Regional Multi-Modal Connectivity to Metropolitan Areas and Economic Corridors It is an objective to: a. Achieve and maintain the sustainable development of infrastructure that strengthens the quality of inter-regional connectivity between the metropolitan areas of Cork, Limerick-Shannon and Waterford to each other and to other regions on the Atlantic Economic Corridor, extended Dublin-Belfast Eastern Corridor and to ports and airports b. Strengthen the quality of Cork to Limerick connectivity (proposed M20 and Rail), Cork to Waterford connectivity (N25) and rail and Limerick to Waterford connectivity (N24 Cahir to Limerick Junction and N24 Waterford to Cahir and rail) as identified in the NDP. c. Maintain the efficiency and safety of the existing national primary and secondary roads network by targeted transport demand management and infrastructure improvements. d. Facilities for sustainable transport are supported in strengthening the quality of inter-regional connectivity

The quality of the strategic road network and connectivity to it has been substantially improved over the last two decades. The NPF sets out the importance of maintaining, improving and protecting the strategic function of the key transport corridors. The steady-state maintenance and safety of the National Roads network is critical to ensure that the existing extensive transport networks are maintained to a high level and to ensure high-quality levels of service, accessibility and connectivity for transport users. Additionally, investment in maintaining regional and local roads and strategic road improvement projects in urban areas to unlock development opportunities in rural areas to ensure access to critical services and to support road based public transport is a key RSES priority. These schemes should be developed in accordancewith theGuidelines onaCommonAppraisal Framework for Transport Projects and Programmes for the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport and appropriate sanctioning authorities. Confirmation of consistency with the RSES should be a requirement in advance of a road authority seeking development consent for a road scheme.

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