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RPO 171

Bus It is an objective through the functions of the NTA, to seek the development of bus networks in the Region focused on the following subject to appropriate environmental assessment and the outcome of the planning process, during the period of the RSES: • Support the development of a bus service network development strategy for the Region through the relevant stakeholders.

The NTA provides rural transport through the Local Link Rural Transport Programme which aims to address rural social exclusion and the integration of rural transport services with other public transport services.

Investment in bus network and service improvements. Network reviews for the larger settlements across the Region, with a view to providing improved local bus services.

RPO 172

• •

Reviewof bus services between settlements.

Rural Transport It is an objective to expand the development and expansion of the Local Link Rural Transport Programme by the NTA in the following manner: • Seek further integration with other public transport services, including HSE and school;

Review of local bus services throughout the Region, including services to small towns and villages and the rural transport programme.

• •

New interchange facilities.

New fare structure that fully integrates all public transport modes including bicycle share, car share etc. Such systems need to be easy to use and attractive for commuters to incentivise uptake, including carrying of bicycles on trains and inter-urban buses.

Better linkage of services between towns, villages and rural areas; Ensure fully accessible vehicles operate on all services;

• •

Enhanced passenger information.

• •

Enhance the customer experience;

Improvements to bus waiting facilities and bike-and- ride. Support strategic bus networks (initiatives identified as Bus Connects in the NDP) through identification, safeguarding and phasing of strategic bus network Bus Connects routes throughout Southern Region’s Cities and metropolitan areas. Enhanced rural bus services including Local Link and community bus services. Upgrade of bus fleet to low carbon/low emission.

Increase patronage among children and young people;

Encourage innovation in the service.

Investment in the quality of the road network along tourismcorridors is important to ensure that visitors, both domestic and international, are assured a safe and good standard of connectivity, helping to generate economic activity across our urban and rural tourism locations.

• •

Buses to be accessible for all.

Support direct inter-regional bus services between the cities and key access points such as airports.

RPO 173

Tourism Corridors It is an objective to invest in the sustainable development of infrastructure and service improvements on the transport networks along our Region’s key tourism corridors, subject to robust feasibility studies to reduce impacts on the environment and required appraisal, planning and environmental assessment processes, including the Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland’s Ancient East and Ireland’s Hidden Heartland Corridors.

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